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Halo 3 - "Halo 3" - McCann London

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  • Halo 3
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  • Halo 3
Product CategoryVideo Games/Consoles
Media TypeCase Study
Length373 Seconds


Following the massively successful launch of Halo 2 and the rise of the 'Halo Nation', we needed something to keep the existing Halo fans engaged, but simultaneously find an innovative way of reaching out to those who had dismissed Halo as only for the hardcore.

We launched Halo 3 with the Master Chief as the ultimate hero for all of mankind, he wasn't just a videogames hero, he was a real hero. We created an entire transmedia story, which included, online footage of men that had served alongside the Master Chief, a fictional 'Making of' film explaining how the majestic diorama was constructed, microsites, tactical stunts including, commemorative plaques and murals, war photographer exhibitions, all of which lived online and bought the game to life.

There was a staggering 1million game pre-orders before it was on sale, with an opening days sales record of £84m and opening week of £150m - a record in any form of entertainment. 7 million downloads of veteran's testimonials in 24 hours and even Hollywood blamed Halo 3 for its poor October figures.