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  • The Peace Button
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  • Peace One Day
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  • The Peace Button
Product CategoryDisease Awareness, Support Groups & Associations
Media TypeWeb Film / Viral


The Peace Button was created in support
of Peace One Day. The aim is to raise awareness of Peace Day on September 21st.
When pressed, the button simply adds Peace Day to your online calendar.
ThePeaceButton.com also features a short animated film explaining the campaign
and a map that pins the location of every click. Having been spread through all
social media channels, especially Twitter, The Peace Button has been seen by
millions of people, across 80 countries to ensure that they will not forget
Peace Day on September 21st.

Visit www.thepeacebutton.com

Peace Day on September 21st is the
biggest call for peace the world has ever seen and we need everyone to know
about it. Raise awareness and support Peace One Day by pressing The Peace
Button to mark the date in your online calendar and then share it with your