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Alethea Sibois

Alethea Sibois

Head of Business Development


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Cupola House 15 Alfred Place
London WC1E 7EB
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 020 7240 4111

Alethea Sibois

Alethea Sibois

Head of Business Development

Birds Eye enters new era with master brand campaign

March 4, 2014

  • Iglo Group launches “The Food of Life” campaign to champion real life, real food and real people as it aims to double the size of the business to €3.2bn by 2020
  • Group invests £60m on brand relaunch across Europe
  • UK media spend totals £16m – the UK’s biggest marketing investment to date
  • Digital to be a key focus with Birds Eye trebling spend in 2014

Leading UK food brand Birds Eye is unveiling a bold new advertising campaign to change the view of frozen food from ‘fall back’ to ‘first choice’. The breakthrough campaign is the first from Havas Worldwide London who were brought on board in November to help execute a new global brand positioning across all markets.

Iglo Group is spending £60m on the brand re-launch which will include the roll out of a new logo and packaging across Europe to bring greater warmth and personality to its portfolio. In the UK Birds Eye will spend £5m on the launch phase of the campaign – and £16m on media over the year. It is also trebling digital spend in 2014 as part of its ambition to drive sales and build the brand’s reputation for great tasting food that can be enjoyed every day.

Featuring conversations that unfold as food is cooked, shared and eaten, “The Food of life” campaign champions real food and the way real people eat and interact at meal times.

Commenting on the campaign Birds Eye Managing Director Andy Weston-Webb said:

“Research shows that meal times are one of the only moments in the day when households have a chance to come together and connect. Our campaign celebrates these moments and the powerful role food plays in everyday life.

“To do this we sat with real families from across the UK for dinner and captured their natural mealtime conversations. The result is a campaign that is a genuine snapshot into real life, real food and real people.”

The first three TV adverts will focus on Birds Eye’s most famous products including Fish Fingers and Field Fresh Peas, Chicken Grills and Bake to Perfection fish with two new major product launches supported later in the year. The Fish Fingers and Field Fresh Peas advert will be the first to appear and will be amplified with TV from Monday 3rd March and outdoor and cinema creative going live from the 10th.

Adds Weston-Webb:

“We wanted to create one highly emotional master brand campaign that would give us standout, instant brand recognition and place us firmly in the heart of UK meal times.”

Commenting on the brand relaunch Havas Worldwide LondonCEORuss Lidstone said:

“We are delighted to launch ‘The Food of Life’ campaign for Iglo, following last year's pitch win. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to help build a brand, which is such a household name across Europe.”

To support “The Food of Life” advertising campaign and to break down traditional barriers to shopping for frozen food in-store, Birds Eye is launching a digital hub to give people all the ingredients for a better mealtime.

The digital tool will offer inspiration by providing sharable social content themed around specific meal occasions to enhance the total meal experience – from food and drink ideas to ambiance, topics of conversation and must-have accessories or props. Social and search and display will be used to raise awareness and engagement with the meals hub.

The first TV campaign will air at 19:45 on ITV during Coronation Street.