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  • Earphone Bully
  • Earphone Bully
  • Project Rocket - anti bullying initiative
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  • Earphone Bully
Product CategoryInstitutional/Public Interest/Non-Profit Org.
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationMay 29, 2012
Media TypeRadio
Executive Creative Director James Burchill
Associate Creative Director Ralphie Barnett
Associate Art Director Cristian Staal
Copywriter Marianna Harvey
Director : Ralph van Dijk
Agency Producer Melissa Ashman


The recently launched website ( prepares kids for schoolyard bullies, giving people simple ways to speak up. This interactive experience is about empathy and understanding for bystanders, parents and bullies themselves.

SapientNitro developed this experience in consultation with an anti-bullying professional and can be easily customized by organizations anywhere in the world to add their local support. In addition, Earphone Bully knows over 500 names, so when you share it with others, it will personalize the experience using your friend's name.