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  • Skylander's Spyro's Adventure
Product CategoryMedia, Publishing & Production
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationFebruary 1, 2012
Media TypeInteractive
Executive Creative Director Anthony Yell
Art Director Cris Strittmatter
Account Director Jay Tannenbaum
Animation Casey Klebba
Animation Dustin Mershon
The Adventure is with you


Imagine if your toys could come to life in a video game yet still live in our world. Meet the Skylanders, the next generation of action figures that our team and Activision bring to life on, the digital home of the new video game Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. Mixing physical and digital play to create a magic moment for kids, Activision outfitted the Skylanders toys with brains for a cross-platform experience. Powered by RFID technology and a memory chip, each of the toys remembers its in-game experiences and works seamlessly across major video gaming systems, including the PC. The interactive website includes original creative art and 3D animation that brings to life the characters and the magic moment when kids realize that their toys can come to life – starting in a kid’s room, placing a character on the portal, and transporting the character into the game.