SapientNitro North America Creative Work

Title "How You See it"
Agency SapientNitro North America
Campaign How You See it
Advertiser Luxxotica
Brand Lenscrafters
Date of First Broadcast/Publication 10/2012

Campaign Summary

How You See It is a digital video experience from LensCrafters that leverages Facebook connect to show people all their eyes have seen, impressing on them the power of human sight and the importance of caring for their eyes. “Remember when you first saw her?” the voiceover asks as you see a picture of you and your wife from three years ago. With smart versioning and search queries, the experience captures every individual, whether they’re married or not, have a lot of photos or very few—and draws them into the experience seamlessly in a way that feels almost magical.

In the end, people are left with a custom Facebook cover photo, filled with images from their life, which can be shared via Facebook.

And a new, distinctly personal connection to a brand previously known for their semi-annual sales and 1-hour service.

Goals & objectives

As part of a larger new branding effort, LensCrafters asked us for a digital experience that would tell the emotional story of the brand, exploring the power of human sight and the importance of caring for this most precious gift. With their new “You see, We see” campaign, new efforts were being made to make a deep, personal connection with customers.

We needed an experience that could live on to tell the emotional story of the brand—something that could be made with little budget that would be actively shared across social channels, since little to no media would be spent to support the effort.

Strategic approach

We focused on creating an experience that spoke directly to people, telling their story as opposed to that of fictional characters. Nothing elicits a reaction quite like the sudden appearance of photos people haven’t seen in years. We used this insight as a way of truly highlighting the power of sight—of what we see, have seen, and hope to see tomorrow. By the end, it’s easy to agree that sight is something worth caring for.

With no media to promote the experience, we knew we needed a takeaway that could be shared organically on Facebook. The custom cover photo created a powerful keepsake that spread the message in a way that offered value without seeming self-serving for the brand. 

Tagline How You See it
Media Type Digital
Length77 seconds
More Information
Associate Creative Director Kait Strovink
      Creative Director Pete Tschudy
Senior Art Director Josh Bean
      Copywriter Lynn Bossange
      Designer Erik Lund
Senior Information Architect Molly Christian
Manager Interactive Development Joe Morgan
Manager Interactive Development Jon Grassis
Senior Manager Interactive Program Management Geoff Melton
Senior Associate Business Consulting Mayur Patil

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