SapientNitro North America Creative Work

Title "My Look 'Magic Mirror'"
Agency SapientNitro North America
Campaign My Look 'Magic Mirror'
Advertiser Luxxotica
Brand Lenscrafters
Date of First Broadcast/Publication 10/2012

As anyone who wears glasses can tell you, shopping for a new pair can be a frustrating experience. Glasses are one of the few purchases that define how you look. But when you try them on in store, you can’t truly see how you look through the plastic lenses of the store frames.

LensCrafters, an eyewear retailer, wanted to help their customers feel more confident in their choice of frames—resulting in fewer returns and a happier customer. And we recognized an opportunity to reimagine what a mirror could do to aid in choice.

My Look is a custom-built, digital mirror installation designed to shift the paradigm of the eyewear shopping experience. Customers can capture photos of themselves in new frames, and then view them while wearing their current prescription. They can compare multiple frames from multiple angles. And can share different looks with friends on Facebook for added validation.

We developed the myLook prototype over a six-month period, leveraging a multi-disciplinary team of designers, copywriters, project managers, UX, technology specialists, industrial designers and store designers. By the end of 2012, myLook was up and running in 23 LensCrafters stores. 

The Technology

From design to execution, myLook is custom-built. It blends facial recognition technology, sonar detection, product bar code scanning, multi-stage lighting, and nine simultaneous cameras to capture a customer’s look from every angle.

As a customer approaches myLook, sonar detects their presence while facial recognition software analyzes their height and activates three of the device’s nine synchronous cameras. This ensures their photos are captured from the best possible angle. And to ensure they look their best, multi-stage lighting is used—so they’ll like what they see.

We wanted myLook to feel like a permanent part of the store—not a temporary kiosk. So we worked with the store design team to fit the myLook mirror into the existing store environment.

Knowing that myLook would be a new experience for every customer, we made sure it was intuitive and easy to understand. The interface is big and bold, and relies on simple language, animations, sound, and color cues, making easy for everyone to use—including the visually impaired. 


Media Type Digital
Account Executive Scott Cleversey
Information Architect Meredith Lambert
      Creative Director Pete Tschudy
      Associate Creative Director Kait Strovink
      Copywriter Lynn Bossange
Senior Art Director Josh Bean
      Designer Erik Lund
Director Technology Vivek Agrawal
      Project Manager Gwen Coleman
VP Program Management Peter Cundall
Senior Interactive Developer Michael Christy
Interactive Developer Joe Carpenito
Manager Mobile Solutions Sean McInerney
Manager Mobile Solutions Joseph Howard
Vice President Business Consulting Andy Macey
Manager Interactive Development John Grassis
Director Interactive Program Management Todd Kozan
Manager Program Management Fredrik Elvehede
Senior Manager Program Management Michael Gill
Contractor James Liu

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