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Title "Vivo PosT-shirt"
Agency SapientNitro North America
Campaign Vivo PosT-shirt
Advertiser Vivo Brazil
Brand Vivo
Date of First Broadcast/Publication 2013
Business Sector Telecommunications Services


Vivo is the main Sponsor of YouPix, Brazil’s biggest festival on internet culture, and wanted the participants to remember that. However, for a innovative company known in Brazil for the power of making connections, handing out mousepads or flashdrives as gifts just isn’t enough. We had to create something special.

Looking at how much of our life is on the web, and how much of it we don’t even know where it is anymore, we decided to reconnect people to their digital life. That is why we created PosT-Shirt: a t-shirt with your most liked post on Facebook. It was released at four events of YouPix in some cities of Brazil.



PosT-Shirt was created to give YouPix participants a gift from Vivo they could take home.

A machine at the event, linked to the agency server, was the interface used by everyone. Handling an iPad, people had to fill a form consenting the software we built to have access to their Facebook. After that, the robot searched all that person’s history to find the most liked post he/she has written.

Behind the scenes, an employee was in charge of printing. When the post was found, it automatically became an image and was sent to him. Then, he would use tradicional t-shirt printing machinery to create the PosT-Shirt. Finally, he would drop it in the bin where the owner had access to it.

A team of approximately 15 people was involved in the production of the machine and software.


PosT-Shirt was an instant success. One machine, created exclusively for YouPix 2012, that called the attention of everyone at the festival. Participants were talking about it on social networks, while more than a hundred t-shirts were printed everyday.

With this unexpected gift, Vivo was able to reconnect people to their past digital lives. More than that, we were capable of taking the conversation outside of the event. Participants went home proudly wearing their most popular post, which propably earned them more likes. But this time, on real life.


Media Type Case Study
Length120 seconds
Creative Director Giampetro Zanon
Chief Creative Officer Marcelo Tripoli
VP Client Services Patricia Andrade
Producer Giuliano Spadari

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