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  • Hoosier Lottery Imagine That
  • Hoosier Lottery
  • Hoosier Lottery
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  • Hoosier Lottery
Product CategoryLottery & Gambling
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationDecember 2012
Media TypeInteractive
Length143 Seconds
Awards The Mobius Advertising Awards, 2013 (Certificate) for Recreation, Leisure & Travel
      Executive Producer Greg Malone
Editing Company Scoffield Edit
      Music Company / Composer Wow Music
Executive Creative Director David R. Mitchell
Executive Creative Director Peter Kim
Art Director Trevor Shorey
Art Director Eric Jurkovic
Art Director Judie Le
Art Director Dan Peters
Art Director Jeremy Van Cleef
Copywriter Ted Xistris
Copywriter Karen Chakiry
Copywriter Mike Nichols
Production Company Road Pictures
Project Manager Carrie Peyer
Project Manager Logan Cummins
Account Director Nicole Torrillo
Account Director Laurie Schneider
Account Director Patty Cohen
Account Director Shannon Safar
Agency Producer Claire Libbing
Strategist Jamie Anderson
Strategist Laura Kim
      Executive Creative Director John Carstens
Strategist Ulli Appelbaum
      Copywriter Amy Hollrah
      Art Director Jordan Polonsky
Experience Designer Kristin Berggren
Interactive Producer Kerry Aitcheson
Interactive Developer Joeddy Mathurin
Interactive Developer Teddy Hwang
Interactive Developer Patrick Neal
Interactive Developer Matthew Slavin
Director Geoffrey Madeja
Imagine That



The Hoosier Lottery is the only state lottery named after its people. But ironically, the brand had low recognition and relevance among these people. In a survey, only 35% of Hoosiers felt the Lottery was “for people like me”; as a result, few were playing.

Our solution was to create an entirely new brand for the Hoosier Lottery, in partnership with Hoosiers themselves. In other words: a Lottery for the people, by the people.

Execution & Use of Media

We delivered a platform for real Hoosiers to share their Lottery dreams, through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and live casting events around the state. They came out in droves to answer this question: “What would you do if you won the Lottery?”

We gave the Lottery a new logo, design system and website, plus a new brand icon—the Dream Cloud, which identified moments and venues for Hoosiers to share their dreams.

From these dreams, we created a new brand campaign: “Imagine that.” The best, most Hoosier-like people and stories appeared in this integrated effort consisting of TV spots, billboards, online ads, print, radio, point-of-sale posters, tweets, Facebook posts, website posts and YouTube videos.

The new, conversation-fueled Hoosier Lottery made Hoosiers feel like they had a hand, and a voice, in creating the brand. They’re still using this platform to share their dreams (and celebrate their wins) today.

Results & ROI

In just a few months, Facebook fans and Twitter followers increased by 116%, with much more active conversation across social channels. And in a new brand-relevance survey, the number of Hoosiers saying the Lottery is “for people like me” increased by 18%.