TitleYou Deserve the Decadent®
Campaign You Deserve The Decadent®
Advertiser Loblaw Group of Companies
Brand President's Choice The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie
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Business Sector Food
Tagline You Deserve the Decadent

PC® The Decadent Chocolate Chip cookie is a Canadian icon, the private label cookie that took the nation by storm 25 years ago when it launched. Made with real butter, more chocolate chips and a home-baked taste, The Decadent blew the national brands out of the water and made President’s Choice® a household name. 

Our brief:

We want to inspire Canadians to help us celebrate the 25th anniversary & history of The Decadent.  What is the digital solution to drive awareness about the anniversary, leverage nostalgic memories from consumers and drive them in store to purchase the product(s)? 


President’s Choice is in an envious position because its fans — mostly moms between 30 – 45 y.o. — are hugely engaged in social media and eager to engage the brand. As we had almost no media budget, it was time to set them loose. Our strategy was based on three key pillars:

• Create the emotional connection with our audience and the cookie
• Celebrate the cookie and the people who love them
• Inspire sharing

Based on the insight that when you’re a Mom, you are often the last one to be rewarded for the myriad “Little Victories” in your day, we wanted to help them celebrate these moments — with a Decadent cookie of course! 

Execution and use of Media

We created a bold interactive site built in HTML 5 and designed to drive two key activities:

1. Explore the fun and varied history of PC The Decadent chocolate chips through a timeline that “draws itself” for you as you scroll, and

2. A series of online posters, with each illustration made from PC Chocolate chips, celebrating a daily “little victory” and inviting our PC fans to submit their own — which we create for them and post up on the site.

In addition, the site is full of playful surprises, very much in keeping with this brand. When users “Like” the page, a cookie dunks itself in a glass of milk as a thank you, and any time you submit a Little Victory idea, the entire page “rains” chocolate chips and a cookie. Using a special customized physics engine, users on a tablet or laptop can tilt the machine to make the cookie and chips bounce around the page. 

And finally, we asked our fans to tell us what delicious Decadent treat they want to see next (Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies are in the lead)

So did all this work to generate a response? Yes!

 Results and ROI

• In the first 13 days of the campaign, 3,266 little victories were submitted, 460% more than projected for the entire campaign

• We had 18,700 visits in 13 days – 600% above target!

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