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Media TypeMobile Advertising
Length88 Seconds
Executive Creative Director Juan Morales
Executive Creative Director Matthew Atkatz
Executive Creative Director Robert Kleman
Creative Director Andrew Goldstein
Creative Director James Allen
Creative Director Eddie Gomez
Associate Creative Director Alex Martinez
Associate Creative Director Valter Klug
Associate Creative Director Cass Crockatt
Associate Creative Director Lance Garcia
Art Director Andres Betancur
Information Architect Monica Cleves
Senior Designer Hugo Broche
Senior Designer Mauricio Carrasco
Senior Designer Francis Ferrazza
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer Gaston Legorburu
VP Global Brand Strategy Darren McColl
North American Chief Creative Officer Gary Koepke
Sr. Manager Interactive Program Management Flavio Sonis
Director General Management Charlie Tornabene
Developer Vijay Kumar


The X Games are watched by millions worldwide. But only a few of these viewers are skating, snowboarding, and action sports experts. Which means that—to most casual fans—the trick names called out during a run might as well be in a foreign language. Our challenge: decode the tricks of X Games so that casual sports fans could understand what they were watching and become bigger fans. We created Trick Track, a feature of the new and X Games apps which uses real-time data and 3D models to display an athlete’s run as it happens—listing tricks by name and giving fans a simple explanation of what they actually mean. Here’s how it works. An athlete executes a trick. The trick is mapped against a 3D model of the course. And users can then choose a trick to get an explanation—which takes something like a “Double McTwist 1260” and simplifies it to “2 flips and 3.5 spins.” All in real time. Trick Track appeared as a key feature on the new—and the new X Games mobile and tablet apps. It helped raise site visits by 72%, page views by 99%, and time spent by 57%. But more importantly, it also opened the door for a whole new set of casual viewers to actually understand why X Games athletes are so incredible.