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VISIT FLORIDA - "Fly South This Winter Taxi Toppers" - SapientNitro North America

  • Fly South This Winter Taxi Toppers
  • Visit Florida
  • SapientNitro North America
  • United States
  • Fly South This Winter Taxi Toppers
Product CategoryDestinations (Countries & Places)
Media TypeTransportation & Vehicles
Length85 Seconds
Executive Creative Director Gary Koepke
Creative Director Ronn Pearson
Creative Director Jordan Lipton
Associate Creative Director Carol Montoto
Associate Creative Director Brian Jones
Art Director Danielle Fay
Copywriter Casey Woods
Project Manager Daissy Vicuna
Account Director Blake Torres
Designer Svetoslav Kraev
Designer Carolina Espinales
Chief Strategy Officer Darren McColl
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer Gaston Legorburu
Strategy Ivette Alonso
Must be the sunshine.


Challenge: VISIT FLORIDA wanted to brighten the lives of those stuck in America’s most miserable, winter-worn states. So we thought, why talk to people in their comfy living rooms, when we can talk to them in the cold, harsh, streets… like when they’re waiting for a cab?

Idea: Taking a cue from nature’s greatest warmth-seekers – birds – we mounted flying mannequins on taxis, and urged onlookers to “Fly south this winter.”

Results: People weren’t the only things soaring. 5,000,000+ saw our 3D taxi toppers. Hotel occupancy went up 9%. And revenues increased over 21%.