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Whether you’ve been driving trucks for years or you’re visiting the dealer for the first time, the Ram Towing & Payload Guide takes users step-by-step through the process. Interactive articles, specs and diagrams make towing accessible for beginner and expert users alike. Users can learn how to safely connect a trailer, brush up on their towing jargon, or enter a few pieces of key information to get printable, sharable specs on the truck that meets their needs. 


With the Ram Towing & Payload Guide, Ram has become the first truck manufacturer to truly explain the relationship between towing and payload, and help users make an informed choice about which truck to buy. Detailed articles and How-To videos break down towing for beginners. A first-of-its-kind towing calculator shows comprehensive specs on the entire line of Ram trucks and vans. Towing definitions, common weights, and vehicle specs are easy to interact with. And the application is built entirely in HTML, so it is completely tablet-friendly – allowing savvy dealerships to integrate it into their in-store sales process. With the Ram Towing & Payload Guide, Ram is the first truck manufacturer to offer extremely accurate towing information to the world. No one else in the industry even comes close to providing useful content for this specialized audience. The Towing & Payload Guide represents a deep understanding of its target audience. Through clear and concise design, language and interaction, beginner and expert users alike can find the content relevant to them. Whether they are watching How-To videos in their driveway, or finding their ideal towing specs at the dealership, users leave the experience with confidence in their ability to tow. 


For truck buyers, authenticity and reliability are hugely important. And yet, no other truck manufacturer has a comprehensive towing resource for these users. For the Ram Towing & Payload Guide to be a success, we needed to prove that Ram is the definitive authority for all things towing. Truck buying is complicated. Dealers and manufacturers are quick to talk about their maximum towing and payload numbers – but an untold secret is that you can’t achieve both maximums at the same time. Many lawsuits have been raised from inexperienced truck drivers overextending their capacities. For the first time truck buyer, the thought of towing a boat or a trailer is daunting. It can even become a barrier to purchase. 


Today, the Towing & Payload Guide gets 2,644 users per day, spending almost three minutes interacting with the guide, on average. Year-over-year traffic has nearly doubled. In their first three months, the How-To videos received over 15,000 views, to overwhelmingly positive comments. Currently, the Towing & Payload Guide is the most popular page on ramtrucks.com. 

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More Information http://www.ramtrucks.com/en/towing_guide/
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