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  • J20 Spin2Win
  • J20
  • Britvic Soft Drinks Limited
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  • J20 Spin2Win
Product CategoryBeverages
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationJune 2013
Media TypeWeb Film / Viral
Length56 Seconds
J20 Spin2Win


By adding extra value through innovative use of digital and POS, we disrupted the norm with a gaming mechanic; The world’s first human fruit machine.

No good pub visit is the same without a cheeky play on the fruit machine. Although hanging out at the fruity can mean you miss out on catching up with friends. So we created an app for J20 that allows consumers to get together with their mates and play"Spin2Win". The app launches an augmented reality (AR) fruit machine that uses three special edition J20 beer mats as markers to create the gaming wheels. Consumers are given five free ‘spins’ with each purchase of J20, for the chance to win thousands of prizes including three £5000 jackpots.

With our app intrinsically linked to facebook & twitter, we allow our consumers to share their winning moments with the world through social media platforms via a nifty photo upload tool to our new Spin2Win facebook tab. The campaign also rolls out through Google PLAY and online films, PR and a partnership with Heart FM. 


How do you create a step change in consumers behaviour with a premium priced brand in the on trade, when heavy discounting in supermarkets are diluting the product value? 


The innovative POS activity is featured in 18,000 pubs nationwide and has driven an instant rise in sales of J20. (record for J2O)

•In July only there were 5159 downloads to the standard app download of 2k