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About Us

The Global Creative Innovation Network. Built for the networked age, we’re designed to fuse creativity and innovation in the worlds of content, communications, culture and technology to help clients more efficiently and effectively accelerate business growth.

This means blending a real diversity of discipline and specialism right through strategy, creative and production – specifically in the areas of Content, Social, PR, Physical Brand Experience, Retail, CRM and of course Digital Technology.

It’s our ‘no borders, no boundaries, no barriers’ culture, organisation and management model that makes us uniquely able to bring this to bear with real agility around client challenges, all over the globe. 

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages


Consumers in the networked world want more than just a credible choice in the category.

They need brands to improve and enhance their relationship with it – what it’s like to consider, research, shop, transact and experience…to participate in that category as a customer.

But they’re also looking for brands to transcend that category role and play a more meaningful one by participating authentically and provocatively in consumer culture.

Participation Brands are brands that are doing both – and driving higher levels of involvement, salience and performance as a result. And we’re helping to create new ones and unleash potential ones in many different categories and cultures around the world. 

Network Description

A networked agency for a networked age.

The iris network has been built around client needs from day one. It’s never been about flags on a map, it’s about being in places where we add value for our clients’ business. And flags on a map are not required to reach all parts of the Globe. We never build an agency and expect clients to come. We ‘build to order’ to keep overheads low and deliver the best value pricing in the market. 

We are 100% privately owned. As a large independent, we occupy a unique position in the agency market place, offering clients the best of both worlds. We’re not beholden to shareholders or a holding company and can be flexible around remuneration, value-add services, and investing ahead of the curve for our clients.


As owner-managers, we have a vested interest in the success of our client’s business so we always go the extra mile to deliver.