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Paris, France

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la chose Clients

Alès Groupe Phyto Hygiene & Personal Care Products Print, Outdoor/Out of Home
Allo-Resto Allo-Resto Catering & Fine Restaurants Television, Web Advertising/Banners, Billboard 2015
Carlsberg Group Kronenbourg Beverages Digital, Print, Packaging, Branding & Design, Promotion & Event, Outdoor/Out of Home 2013
Carlsberg Group Tourtel Twist Beers, Ciders, Lagers Television 2015
Coyote Coyote Automotive Accessories & Services Web Advertising/Banners, Outdoor/Out of Home 2015
Fonds National de Promotion et de Communication de l'Artisanat L'artisanat Drugstores, Specialty Stores Television & Cinema, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home
Groupe Royer Kickers Shoes Print, Outdoor/Out of Home
JARDILAND Jardiland Gardening Instruments & Products, Garden Furniture Television & Cinema, Print, Direct Marketing, Outdoor/Out of Home
La Monnaie de Paris La monnaie de paris Others Television & Cinema, Digital, Print, Direct Marketing, Outdoor/Out of Home 2015
Labeyrie Fine Foods Labeyrie Food Television & Cinema, Digital, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home, Radio 2016
Ouicar Ouicar Car & Utility Rentals Television, Billboard 2015 Online Retail, E-store Digital, Outdoor/Out of Home 2015
Sécurité Routière Sécurité Routière Government & Other Authorities Television, Cinema, Web Advertising/Banners, Billboard 2015
Solidays Solidays Trade Shows, Events & Festivals Television & Cinema
VICTIMES & CITOYENS Victimes & Citoyens Road Safety Television & Cinema, Digital, Public Relations