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Toyota - "Somos Muchos Campaign" - Conill

  • Somos Muchos Campaign
  • Toyota
  • Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Conill
  • United States
  • Somos Muchos Campaign
Product CategoryAutomotive
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationJune 10, 2010
Media TypeCase Study
Creative Director Mario Granatur
Associate Creative Director Veronica Elizondo
Art Director Graciela Espejel
Art Director Martin Donovan
Art Director Mariana Milgram
Chief Creative Officer Pablo Buffagni
Copywriting Jessica Cuevas


The end of 2009 marked the beginning of tough times for Toyota. By June 2010, when we launched our campaign, most of U.S. Latinos (83%) were aware of the Toyota recall news. Toyota was hurt at its heart: Its reputation of being the most reliable and dependable automotive brand was at serious risk. Our challenge: To prevent the brand from entering a free-falling spiral, and restore its well-deserved image. 


We needed to create a channel for loyalists to publicly express their love and trust for the brand. The solution came in the form of a decal (sticker) that our loyalists could put on their cars. But, how could we make a decal truly desirable? Latinos take great pride in everything that reminds them of their country of origin, so we decided to bring together the pride for their country of origin and for Toyota. Nearly a hundred different types of decals were created under the form “We are many (---) we are many Toyotas.” They included not only all the Latino countries, but also specific regions within each country. 


In only four short months since its launch, the campaign reverted the negative trend the brand was falling into, and started a positive one that was mirrored by significant increases across key metrics According to Toyota’s Hispanic PR Tracker: • Favorable opinion of Toyota improved 13 percentage points.
• Concern about Toyota’s safety vehicles decreased 17 percentage points.
• Consideration for Toyota vehicles increased 8 percentage points The Somos Muchos campaign has been widely covered by mainstream and Hispanic news media. As of 10/22/10, the advertising equivalency of media coverage has surpassed $2 million, which represents 17% of the total media investment for the overall campaign. And most importantly, more than 390,000 stickers have been ordered.