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20 IN THEIR 20'S | Xploring The New Face of America

December 1, 2011

…One in five Americans ages 21-29 is Hispanic.

…Numbering eight million, Hispanics 21 to 29 comprise a powerful and bourgeoning market.

…With 34% growth from 2000 to 2011, and projected growth of 15% in the next five years, their importance is only increasing.

The young Hispanic audience may be easy to spot on a census chart, but is it easy to connect with?

That is the key question explored in Conill’s new white paper, 20 in Their 20s: Xploring the New Face of America.

It is the story of how we came to know this dynamic young segment and the themes that define their lives. Getting to know them in intimate depth, we befriended twenty young men and women in Miami and Los Angeles with divergent acculturation levels, economic attainment and heritage backgrounds.

What makes them tick and more importantly, how can marketers get in sync?