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Diesel - "Sam (B)" - FRED & FARID PARIS

  • Sam (B)
  • Diesel
  • L'Oréal
  • France
  • "Only the Brave"
Product CategoryPerfumes
Media TypeTelevision
Awards World Luxury Award, 2009 (Gold) for Perfume & Cosmetics
Production Company Irene
Production Company Flynn
Music Guem
Creative Director Fred & Farid
Art Director Alphée Ballester
Art Director Laurent Leccia
Art Director Thomas Raillard
Art Director Alexandra Reghioua
Copywriter Fred & Farid
Director Paul Gore
Account Supervisor Emmanuel Ferry
Account Supervisor Hélène Camus
Account Supervisor Shirley Sayadi
Advertiser's Supervisor Steeve Hagege
Advertiser's Supervisor Wilbert Das
Advertiser's Supervisor Ladan Lari


The spots are set in a context that is halfway between Fight Club and an epic narrative. They portray the paths of men who show the capacity, that is in fact in each and every one of us, to be himself, to make his own choices, to decide on his own path, and to write his own destiny. Each film is an invitation to listen your heart, to live your ideals, to realize your dreams...


The objective was to find a new fragrance language that could be immediately appropriated: the determination, the inner force that lives in each and every one of us when we decide to be the maker of our own life, the writer of our own destiny. It was also necessary for this new fragrance to be totally differentiated from territories already captured and tarnished by competitors.


A new masculine fragrance, "Only The Brave", to attract a wider male target in Diesel's brand portfolio.