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Massivegood - "Masterpieces" - FRED & FARID PARIS

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  • The Millenium Foundation/Unitaid
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Date of First Broadcast/PublicationMarch 2, 2010
Media TypeWeb Film / Viral
Awards ACT Responsible Tributes, 2010 () for
Production Company 40 Acres & a Mule
Post Production 40 Acres & a Mule
Sound 40 Acres & a Mule
Executive Creative Director Fred & Farid
Art Director Fred & Farid
Art Director Julien Boulard
Copywriter Fred & Farid
Director Spike Lee
Agency Producer Robin Acard
Agency Producer Angus MacDonald
Account Supervisor Nicolas Bordas
Account Supervisor Emmanuel Ferry
Account Supervisor Daniel Domeyer
Account Supervisor Dushan Karageorgevitch
Actor / Celebrity Samuel L. Jackson
Actor / Celebrity Susan Sarandon
Actor / Celebrity Mary Blige
Actor / Celebrity Paul Auster
Actor / Celebrity Brian Greene
Actor / Celebrity Spike Lee
Voice Bill Clinton
Advertiser's Supervisor Philippe Douste-Blazy
Advertiser's Supervisor Laurence Thurion
Advertiser's Supervisor Bernard Salomé
Advertiser's Supervisor Alain Navarro
Advertiser's Supervisor Jennia Foster
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It consits of a series of vignettes in locations that correspond to the environment of each star. The objective is to demonstrate that many small things creat something extraordinary. It shows the power of a small ac: if one donates $2 via a simple click on MASSIVEGOOD every time one purchases a travel service, one is able to make a difference to those thousands affected by diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.


The film created by the independent agency FRED & FARID PARIS, working with TBWA\ Paris for the launch of MASSIVEGOOD, is an illustration of how several simple acts add up resulting in a great change.


The Millennium Foundation for Innovative Finance for Health is an independent, non-profit Swiss organization, established in November 2008 in order to create new ways to finance health systems in low- and middle-income countries.
Unitaid was created in September 2006 to further explore the idea of raising money through new mechanisms to help fund the annual $10 billion needed to combat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, improve maternal health and reduce child mortality – the three main health-related millennium development Goals. Unitaid is a global health partnership to contribute to scaling up access to treatment for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, primarily for people in low-income countries, on the basis of micro contributions on airline tickets, either obligatory (tax) or voluntary.