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Orangina - "Pigeon" - FRED & FARID PARIS

  • Pigeon
  • Orangina
  • Cadbury Schweppes plc
  • France
Product CategorySoft Drinks, Tonics
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationMarch 15, 2013
Media TypeTelevision & Cinema
Length47 Seconds
Awards Epica Awards, 2013 (Silver Campaign) for Drinks
Production Company Wanda Paris
Creative Director Fred & Farid
Art Director Rolando Cordova
Art Director Gian Carlo Lanfranco
Copywriter Fred & Farid
Copywriter Gian Carlo Lanfranco
Copywriter Rolando Cordova
Director The Glue Society (Gary Freedman)
Producer Sandrine Lima
Agency Submission Contact Karim Naceur
Account Supervisor Hugues Pietrini
Account Supervisor Stanislas de Parcevaux
Account Supervisor Florence Burtin
Post Production Elise Dutartre
Agency Supervisor Mehdi Benali
Agency Supervisor Hélène Camus
Agency Supervisor Olivia Courbon
Stay alive, drink orangina


An Orangina drinker and a non-organina drinker find themselves beside each other waiting for the same bus. A pigeon lurks overhead. The non-Orangina drinker is shouting furiously on her phone and is completely unaware of the irritation she is creating. The pigeon choses to poo all over the woman - the one not drinking orangina.


You live a better life if you drink orangina.


Proof of the idea that Orangina drinkers live better lives summed up in a funny quip-"Organina drinkers attacked by the wicked pigeon - 0%".