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The Dorchester Collection - "The Beverly Hills Hotel" - atelier-lb

  • The Beverly Hills Hotel
  • The Dorchester Collection
  • Dorchester Collection
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  • United Kingdom
  • The Beverly Hills Hotel
Product CategoryHotels, Resorts
Media TypePrint


Atelier's Task:

Raise awareness of, and loyalty to, the Dorchester Collection’s nine iconic hotels.

Present each hotel as timeless and aspirational yet accessible, modern and luxurious.

Celebrate the fact this is a collection of ‘one of a kind’ properties – a collection of masterpieces.

Create desire and affinity for the collection as well as the individual properties.Talk to the traveller not the tourist, and let them know that each Dorchester Collection hotel offers a unique insight into and experience of the city in which it is situated. You can have a nice, typical hotel stay, or you can enjoy a stay like no other. 


No Ordinary Campaign:

This campaign captures beautiful moments, inviting people to ‘step into’ an exclusive, heightened and unique experience.

Each ad brings to life the featured hotel’s personality and location, in an unexpected yet stylish and beautiful way.

The campaign was brought to life by visionary photographer, Guy Aroch.

The creative is executed in a print campaign but has also been used in trade promotions and hotel events. Behind the scenes videos were also made for the Collection’s website.