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Roewe W5 - "Roewe Small Badge, Big Sales" - Maxus Global

  • Roewe Small Badge, Big Sales
  • Roewe W5
  • Roewe
  • Maxus Global
  • China
  • Roewe Small Badge, Big Sales
Product CategoryFour Wheel Drive, SUV(Sports Utility Vehicle)
More Information
Date of First Broadcast/Publication2012
Media TypeCase Study
Length126 Seconds
Small Badge, Big Sales


The Roewe W5 SUV, a new car that did not yet have a story to tell, faced a challenge in China, the world's most competitive car market. Up against existing brands with proven credentials and heritage, it needed to find another way to be noticed. A limited edition National Geographic badged version of the W5 was promoted through a range of jointly crafted media focusing on stories of heroism from China's past. The activity preceded a 45% sales uplift. The badged W5 outsold the standard model ten to one, and cars were badged to meet demand.