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Scrabble - "Meet Blank" - Pereira & O'Dell

  • Meet Blank
  • Scrabble
  • Mattel, Inc.
  • Pereira & O'Dell
  • United Kingdom
  • Crazy Combinations
Product CategoryToys & Games
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationDecember 11, 2012
Media TypeTelevision
Length31 Seconds
Executive Creative Director Jaime Robinson
Creative Director Arício Fortes
Creative Director Paulo Coelho
Art Director Keli Linehan
Copywriter Charlie Wolff
Agency Producer Jeff Ferro
Bringing Letters and People Together


Meet the personalities behind the Scrabble tiles in these global brand television spots. The spots aired in France, Latin America, Spain Germany and Mexico and feature Scrabble characters “P”, “Q” and “Blank” who struggle with their worth as part of words. In one spot a Lonely Q (worth a whopping 10 points) tries to find letters he can be next to, while in another spot, the universal Blank is a self proclaimed man of the world with infinite possibilities.

This quirky campaign assigns personality characteristics to Scrabble tiles which is a new twist in how we have marketed the game previously. So the next time you say your Scrabble tiles are useless, think about how that makes them feel.