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Product CategoryEnvironmental & Ecological Issues
Date of First Broadcast/Publication2013
Media TypeTelevision & Cinema
Length16 Seconds
Production Company MJZ
Colorization MPC
Special Effects / VFX MPC
Music Stimmung
Sound Production POP Sound
Editorial Company Arcade Edit
Website SJP
Executive Creative Director Jaime Robinson
Art Director Rafael Rizuto
Art Director Chris Adams
Art Director Arnau Bosch
Chief Creative Officer PJ Pereira
Copywriter Eduardo Marques
Copywriter Earl Lee
Producer Denice Hutton
Project Manager Katie Shesgreen
Executive Producer Jeff Ferro
Executive Producer Nicole Visram
Account Director Ashley Brown
Account Executive Jennifer Wantuch
Editor Greg Scruton
Special Effects / VFX Claudia Guevara
Photographer Roi Brooks
Colorist Adrian Seery
Print Producer James Sablan
Managing Partner Damian Stevens
Strategy Director Justin Cox
Strategy Director Nick Chapman
Strategist Alina Shabashevich
Mixer Zach Fisher
Mixer Stephen Dickson
Assistant Editor Laura Sanford
Assistant Editor Hilary Ruggiano
Broadcast Producer Judy Kreiter
Broadcast Producer Elisa Moore
Vice President, Campaign Director Rowena Patrick
Campaign Director Amanda Bagwill
Assistant Campaign Manager Dana Vielmetti
Senior Interactive Producer Erin Davis
Business Affairs Director Xandra Ess
Senior Vice President (Keep America Beautiful) Lynn Markley
MJZ Director Victor Garcia
MJZ President David Zander
MJZ Executive Producer Kate Leahy
MJZ Producer Greg Ferguson
Lead Nuke Artist Alex Harding
Lead Smoke Artist Marcus Wood
Compositor Jonathan McKee
CG Lead Artist Liam Griffin
I want to be a bench. Recycle me.


The “I Want To Be” PSA from Ad Council and Keep America Beautiful, created pro-bono by Pereira & O’Dell, personifies your trash and dramatizes the potential of each item we discard to “live” a meaningful second life. The goal of communication is to encourage recycling in the United States, where only 35% of waste is recycled, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. 


The fully integrated campaign is comprised of television, print, radio, outdoor and digital media, and running in space and time that is entirely donated. The campaign has been supported by a comprehensive PR and social media program on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

Our Goal

Educate and emotionally motivate Americans to adopt recycling in their everyday lives.

We aimed to appeal to people’s rational need for facts while also opening their hearts through the emotional and imaginative representation of the product life cycle. 

Our Campaign

The “I Want to Be” campaign uses a combination of emotional storytelling and real-world examples to address the alarming fact that most of the trash Americans produce is actually recyclable. Television, out-of-home and digital advertising highlight how everyday trash can be transformed into amazing things like bicycle frames, park benches and even football stadiums. We utilized corporate partnerships to place the campaign messages directly on packaging and show people how the products they love have the potential to live on as new bottles, cans, bikes and more.

Through our partnership with the Ad Council and Keep America Beautiful, we look forward to fulfilling the promise of making America a world leader in recycling. 


The “I want to be recycled” PSA campaign was delivered to the media via donated time and space, running in top media markets (including Atlanta, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami). The campaign gave Keep America Beautiful the emotional push needed to raise awareness and positively change people’s behavior to recycle more.