Herezie, Paris Follow Update

  • 5 rue Vernet
  • Paris 75008
  • France
  • Phone: (+33) 01 73 03 23 83
  • Fax: (+33) 01 49 52 01 54
Advertiser Brand, Product Business Sector Type of Work since
Coca-Cola Company Minute Maid Soft Drinks, Tonics 2014
Distriborg Bjorg Food 2014
FamiHero FamiHero Consumer & Public Services
Unilever Williams Shaving
Prisma Presse Femme Actuelle, Gala Newspapers, Magazines, Books
Bwin Bwin Internet Sites (Excluding ISPs)
Eco-Emballages Eco Emballages Waste Management
Francine Francine Baking Powders, Flour
Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces Taj Hotels, Resorts
Harry's Harry's Biscuits, Bread, Crispbread
Harmonie Mutuelle Harmonie Mutuelle Banking, Finance, Law & Insurance Other Online Services
Groupe MOM Materne (Pom'potes & Ma Pause Fruit) Food
Prisma Pub Prisma Pub Advertising & Communication
Tetley Tetley Non-Alcoholic