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Paris, France

Full Service

Herezie Clients

• Des managers très expérimentés et avec un fort « track record » en prise directe avec leurs clients
• Un mode d’organisation où les clients ne payent que pour le « muscle » (la valeur ajoutée créée par le planning et la création) et non pas... Read more

Harrys Harrys Biscuits, Bread, Crispbread Television, Digital, Print, Promotion & Event, Outdoor/Out of Home, Branded Content 2012
Francine Francine Baking Powders, Flour Television, Digital, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home 2012
LVMH Hennessy Spirits, Fortified Wines Magazine, Events, Trade Show Booth, Billboard 2015
Unilever Williams Shaving Television, Digital, Print 2014
Unilever Brut Perfumes Television, Digital, Print 2010
Well Well, Lingerie, Collants Apparel, Fashion & Footwear Mobile Advertising, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home 2010
Bwin Bwin Internet Sites (Excluding ISPs) Web Advertising/Banners 2012
Groupe MOM Materne (Pom'potes & Ma Pause Fruit) Food Television, Digital, Print, Promotion & Event, Outdoor/Out of Home 2011
Groupe MOM Mont Blanc Milk & Cold Desserts Television, Digital 2011
General Motors Corp. Chevrolet Cars Television & Cinema, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home 2010
Tetley Tetley Non-Alcoholic Television, Promotion & Event 2013
Parrot Parrot, AR Drone / MiniKit Smart Consumer Electronics & Audio-Visual Television & Cinema, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home 2011
Zwilling J.A. Henckels AG Miyabi Miyabi Home Appliances, Furniture & Gardening Print, POS Visibility 2014
Nestlé Nespresso, Série Limitée Onirio Coffee, Tea, Chocolate Drinks, Breakfast Drinks Direct Marketing, Packaging, Branding & Design 2010
Samsung Samsung Consumer Electronics & Audio-Visual Digital, Print, Promotion & Event 2010