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November 11, 2013


Momentum Worldwide study shows that live experience drives 65% of consumers to recommend, 59% to buy a brand

New York – NOVEMBER 11, 2013 – Momentum Worldwide released a new global study illustrating that live experience— within all forms of brand connection—characterizes the elements that drive the most recommendations. Titled “The Brand Experience Effect,” the study examines which elements of the total brand experience best impact consumer perception and decision-making. The study was led by Elena Klau, Momentum Worldwide Senior Vice President, Director of Strategy and Insights, NA and encompasses nine markets – Japan, Brazil, Singapore, UK, Thailand, USA, China, Australia and Mexico.

“The Brand Experience Effect” examines the relative strengths of 23 varieties of brand experiences – from digital to word-of-mouth to experiential.All respondents experienced at least one of the brandexperienceelements in the past 18 months, including: watching a commercial; visiting a brand’s social networking page; watching sponsored video; receiving socially shared content; getting a friend’s brand referral; attending a branded music, sports or hospitality event; and beyond.

The study delivered a snapshot of how the full brand experience and its individual pieces drive and often lead consumer conversation, consideration and action.

  • Experience leads recommendation: Attending a branded live experience drives on average 65% of people to recommend that brand, versus the 63% who will make a recommendation based on referrals from their own friends, and 59% who will make a recommendation based on a trusted source (like a product authority or publication).
  • Experience leads conversation: 93% of respondents talk to others about their live brand experiences; 63% of them will talk to more than five people. Live elements of the total brand experience lead those that drive conversation.
  • Experience a leading factor for purchase: Live brand experience is a top element driving purchase, with 59% of respondents purchase the brand at retail after a live experience, and 68% search for additional information about the brand online.

“We all intuitively know that nothing leaves a memorable, meaningful impact like real life experiences – and this research proves that live experience is the leading element in which brands people recommend to each other,” said Momentum Worldwide Chairman & CEO, Chris Weil. “At Momentum, we’ve built our approach around the knowledge that live experience is the part of the brand experience that matters most, accounting for how real life is inseparable from the digital; we’re excited to fortify and advance this position with this intelligence, taking our clients business even further with a better understanding of these leading factors in consideration, conversation and purchase.”

The survey included interview feedback from 6,504 consumer respondents in the nine selected markets, and an audit of 56 brand experience case studies. The research also illustrated: what brand experience elements and qualities drove the most consumer affection and action; what elements provided brands the most value; and what brands are winning in experience authenticity. For full details, contact Elena Klau at

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