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TitleTmall E-magine the Future
Campaign Tmall E-magine the Future
Advertiser TMall.com
Brand TMall.com
Business Sector Online Retail, E-store

TMall was created as a B2C ecommerce site, a Chinese version of Amazon. Brands like Addidas, P&G, Samsung and Dell all had stores on TMall. Even with all these big brand names, TMall.com was struggling to manage their reputation as an authentic B2C marketplace. To break through the noise and convince consumers of the authenticity of the products available, we brought the digital shopping experience to life, merging reality with the virtual world. 


We conducted a survey among consumers and media, and found out that the brand image was not clear. This paired with our POV led us to the insight that TMall is a company of the future. To change perception and win over consumers, we could use the high tech capabilities of TMall to bring a digital world to life. 

This thinking led to the idea E-magine the future, a world where real life and virtual meet. We would start with a launch experience and transition into a futuristic shopping experience where guests could physically step into Tmall.com and experience the quality of the brand with all their senses. In addition, the event needed to be a real “wow” moment to generate buzz and help relaunch the brand. 


In 2008 Taobao Mall was created as a B2C ecommerce site to compliment sister company Taobao, a C2C marketplace. In 2011, Taobao Mall was separated from Taobao and renamed TMall.com. This created confusion among consumers who did not know the difference between Taobao and Tmall. TMall needed our help to differentiate from Taobao and reassure consumers that Tmall offered authentic merchandise. 


900 attendees
2600 Wei Bo posts
3,000,000 reposts and comments
26,000,000 Media impressions 

Media Type Case Study

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