MediaCom Latin America Case Studies

Title "The New Volkswagen Gol Trend ‘it is a Goal’!"
Agency MediaCom Latin America
Campaign Es un Gol!
Advertiser Volkswagen
Brand Volkswagen
Product Gol
Business Sector Compact & Small Cars

In Argentina, we say “gol” when the ball crosses the line.

We say “es un gol” (it’s a goal) when some positive thing happens when we don’t expect it.

And also, in this country, the most sold car model name is “Gol”. The Volkswagen Gol.

But its main consumers –the young people– have a specific perception: the VW Gol is a ‘value-for-money’ car; it’s not a trendy vehicle.

Volkswagen had to launch the next generation of the model in Argentina and wanted to refresh the product image. They wished a funny and desirable Gol.

But, who are this ‘young people’?

They’re 24-hours online and they’re always looking for breaking themes and trends that appears every day in Facebook and Twitter.

So, we decided communicate the new model inviting people to share their “goals” of everyday in the social media, generating conversations around the brand name. We create “Es un Gol”. 


‘Es un Gol’ fanpage (Nov 9th to Dec 31th)


• 47% of total Facebook Argentina users reached.

• 140.844.122 Total Impressions

• 632.000 Interacting Unique Users

• 246.241 Histories

New Gol Trend Digital Commercial Launch (29/11/12)

• 28.232 Unique Views

• 1.353 Interacting Users

Promo Goles (Since 3/12 to 14/12)

• Generated 2.598 new Volkswagen Argentina’s fans in just 3 days.

Twitter hashtag (in 3 days)

Trending Topic at Buenos Aires in November 29th.

• 15.145 mentions between 28/11 and 01/12

• 3.140 favorite tweets


• 23.1 MM total potential impacts!

Sales Results

5.731 units sold during the campaign (7% more than the objective) 

Media Type Case Study
Length124 seconds
Account Director Andrea Kravanja
Communications Strategy Coordinator Matias Warlet
Interaction Director Nicolas Redondo
Entertainment Executive Laura Di Renzo
Research and Insights Director Martin Curia
Digital Planner Nicolás Gutiérrez Cervetto
Volkswagen Argentina / Marketing Manager Martin Sorrondegui
Volkswagen Argentina / Advertising and Media Responsible Manuel Gonzalez Quesnel
Volkswagen Argentina / Digital Communications Agustin Mayer

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