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Xavier Gonzalez Zirion - "That's Pinche!" - Maxus Global

  • That's Pinche!
  • Xavier Gonzalez Zirion
  • Xavier Gonzalez Zirion
  • Maxus Global
  • Mexico
  • That's Pinche!
Product CategoryGovernment & Other Authorities
More Information
Date of First Broadcast/Publication2012
Media TypeCase Study
Length87 Seconds
Well, somebody had to say it!


When ordinary citizen Xavier Gonzalez Zirion tried to get selected for the Mexico City elections, the government told media owners not to accept his advertising. Residents were frustrated about the city's chronic deterioration, so Maxus asked people to photograph things in their city that were 'pinche' (an incredibly rude word in Mexico), and then upload them for discussion via social media as part of Xavier's campaign. The media were so impressed at the results, that they ignored the ban and took on Xavier's message. He now represents Mexico's biggest party, PRI, in the city's election.

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