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Food Truck Agencies

July 10, 2013

Buying lunch, choosing a husband, picking out an outfit, and choosing a digital agency, are just some of the decisions we are faced with in our lives. Although the deciding factors for each are different, the decision methodology is pretty similar. So we began to think, how do clients choose…

Intern Torn Up Over Pet Wars: Turns to the Web for Peace Treaty

July 10, 2013

Dear Internet,I need your help. I recently adopted a kitten. He’s adorable and I love the little guy. However, my three-year-old dog, Buddy, doesn’t feel the same way. He’s a German Shepherd mix who I’ve had since he was a baby. But his threatening barks and snarly sn…

Working at Vertic

July 9, 2013

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How Digital Marketers can learn from Harry Potter

July 8, 2013

Zig Ziglar once commented, “Logic makes people think. Emotion makes people act”. Too often marketers try to present the facts, list the features, and explain the logic of a product’s position in a consumer’s life. This can be ultimately seen as ‘telling’ b…

Beyond a single website as the digital strategy

June 19, 2013

And why you should build a digital eco-system ...