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OnStar - "OnStar Family Link" - inVNT

  • OnStar Family Link
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  • OnStar Family Link Launch
Product CategoryAutomotive
Media TypeEvents
Length61 Seconds



Known for the blue OnStar Button that connects drivers to emergency help, OnStar has also developed many other technologies for their six million subscribers. To reinforce their reputation as an automotive technology innovator and introduce FamilyLink, a service for integrating technology into family life, OnStar asked inVNT to create a unique press event for technology and automotive industry media.

Creative Perspective

To clearly communicate all aspects of FamilyLink and establish a warm backdrop for this family-oriented product, inVNT created a highly theatrical, nontraditional press event. Press were invited to a beautiful Soho loft to meet “The Kensingtons,” a family of four exploring and enjoying the features of OnStar’s FamilyLink. 


inVNT helped OnStar to change the conversation and reposition themselves as a technology company. OnStar introduced FamilyLink and reinforced their reputation as a leader and innovator. inVNT’s theatrical, interactive press event was a significant success, attracting technology (80%) and automotive (20%) media with over 400 million total impressions including digital, print and online.