97th Floor

97th Floor

Lehi, United States


Campaign Friendzoned
Advertiser Vivint
Brand Vivint
Date of First Broadcast/Publication
Business Sector Windows, Locks, Alarms, Fireplaces, Hot & Cold Ventilation
Tagline Friendzoned, viral video

Vivint is the largest home automation services provider in North America. They came to us wanting to boost their brand recognition, create online buzz and jumpstart their digital marketing efforts. Our objective was to create a campaign that would start a conversation online and get people talking about Vivint. 


During the brainstorming process, we came up with a campaign that would not only spark conversation online, but would also serve as an incognito product demonstration for Vivint’s Home Security and Automation services. We decided we would post a video on YouTube that pulled at the heart strings of all those who watched it and we would post it without any explanation, this way the viewers could create the story that they wanted. 


We produced a 30-second video filmed through the lens of a home security camera. We filmed it so that it looks as if the security camera has candidly picked up a guy dropping a girl off after a date. Being a bit overeager, he goes in for the kiss only to get dodged, bro-hugged and rejected. After the girl goes inside, the guy lingers for a few seconds taking in what just happened, hangs his head and shamefully walks back to the car. A heart-breaking tale of what it is like to be “Friendzoned.” The video cost less than $500 to produce and we used YouTube and Reddit to post the video.

Once the video was posted to Reddit, it quickly became the most upvoted link in the r/Cringe section. From there, large news sites picked it up, including New York Daily News, Dailymail.co.uk, The Huffington Post online, and Bro Bible. Thousands of views and comments started to pour in. Since we didn’t offer any explanation as to what happened on the date, the viewers offered speculations as to what went wrong, they sent condolences to their “fallen brother” and ultimately they asked questions about Vivint. Estimated brand mentions jumped from 15 a day to nearly 500 a day and the YouTube video alone is at 1.5 million views and counting. Aggregated views of gifs, copy videos and memes is near 4 million, the video accumulated over 4,000 comments, 50,000 social shares and 56,000 brand mentions. Every company wants a viral video, but to get a viral video that is also a product demo brings a real life value to the brand with a real return on investment. 

Media Type Case Study

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