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Ben 'n Jerry's - "Ben 'n Jerry's Sundae Sessions" - Mindshare Asia Pacific

  • Ben 'n Jerry's Sundae Sessions
  • Ben 'n Jerry's
  • Unilever
  • Mindshare Asia Pacific
  • Australia
  • Ben 'n Jerry's Sundae Sessions
Product CategoryIce Cream
Media TypeAmbient
Length120 Seconds


The ‘Sunday Session’ is a key part of Australian culture. It’s a term coined by our audience (young professionals): ‘you know, when you realize you only have a few more hours to relax, hang out with mates and have fun before Monday rolls in again.’ This notion of making the most of the last few hours of Sunday linked perfectly to our product. A tub (or scoop) of Ben & Jerry’s is not something you rush, you spend time indulging every mouthful. We saw synergy between the Sunday Session and a Ben n' Jerry’s Sundae. A ‘Sundae Session’ if you will …