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Keep California Beautiful - "Mobsters" - BBDO San Francisco

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  • Keep California Beautiful
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  • United States
  • Mobsters
Product CategoryEnvironmental & Ecological Issues
MarketUnited States
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationNovember 26, 2006
Media TypeTelevision
Length30 Seconds
Creative Director Jim Lesser
Art Director Roz Romney
Copywriter Neil Levy
Redeem Yourself. Recycle.


Two mobsters dump a body into the water off a pier at night. Before departing, one of them finishes the last few sips of a water bottle he’s been drinking. He turns to chuck it into the water when just then, something (a recycling bin) catches the corner of his eye. He contemplates the bin for a moment and then decides to throws the bottle into the bin instead of the water. A small look of satisfaction comes over his face before type resolves that says: “Redeem yourself. Recycle” followed by the Keep California Beautiful logo.


Get people to think “Recycling is a redeeming act and if these no good low-lifes can recycle and get something out of it, then so can I.”