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Media Sense London, United Kingdom


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Engineering value
How much has the way you use media changed over the past five years? Silly question right? Now compare this with the way media performance is managed and evaluated and how this has changed. Not at all? A little?

The media landscape has been transformed, and the way in which media is managed and evaluated needs to go through a similar transformation. Our unique approach helps brands unlock greater value from their paid, owned and earned media investments, and encourages more responsible and transparent buyer behaviours.

We have a two cylinder approach to engineering greater media value:

Plan for Value is a structured process , which stimulates new and more strategic thinking around media value, centred around 30 value components
MediaSensor is our evaluation system, prioritising outcomes over inputs; absolute measures over relative benchmarks; and encourages positive and collaborative interactions rather than creating adversarial ones
These tools enable us to put in place effective solutions which encourage and maintain breakthrough performance, and represent a genuine step-change in feedback sessions on media agency performance. 


New Business

Public Relations

Anna-Liisa Goshawk
Head of Marketing
Phone: (+44) (0) 203 397 9161


Anna-Liisa Goshawk
Head of Marketing
Phone: (+44) (0) 203 397 9161
Andy Pearch