Award Winners

One Show Interactive Awards organized by The One Show Club for Art and Copy

  • 32 East 21st Street
  • New York, 10010-7201, United States
  • Phone: 212 979-1900
  • Fax: 212 979-5006
  • Discipline: Advertising / Full Service / Integrated
  • Award Type: Creative Award
One Show Interactive recognizes the most innovative and exciting work done on the web and in the new media industry. Because the digital world moves too fast for a once-a-year deadline, One Show Interactive features a unique quarterly entry system. Each quarter, entries will be chosen to move on to the final round of judging where Pencil winners will be determined. Quarterly winners are assured placement in the One Show Interactive annual. Built around six basic media types, the below categories have been updated to be more flexible and easier to use. 2012 One Show Interactive Entry Deadlines * 1st Quarter: August 22, 2011 * 2nd Quarter: October 24, 2011 * 3rd Quarter: December 16, 2011 * 4th Quarter: February 12, 2012
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