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VT scan Groupe, Neuilly Sur Seine

  • 3 rue Charcot
  • Neuilly Sur Seine 92200
  • France
  • Phone: (+33) 1 41 43 70 10
  • Fax: (+33) 1 46 24 29 97

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages


VT Scan provides state-of-the–art services designed to help advertisers to better manage their structures, working processes, relationships, selection process, contracts, remuneration issues, relationship evaluation, with agencies of all types, to deliver better efficacy of actions, better efficiency of work, more cost-effective use of their resources. 

Network Description

Scan International

The multinational consultants

Most marketing companies employ 5-10 agencies representing different marketing specialties in their home market. And even with best in class expert agencies, marketers find it challenging to manage multiple agencies to meet expectations and contribute to business.

In the multinational arena, Marketers are faced with many more complexities: Different languages, cultures, market developments and levels of sophistication, different competitors. And distance is obviously an issue. Whereas local agency partners are fairly and sometimes too easily replaced, the investments in international structures are such that one will probably think twice before changing them.

We believe that when it comes to advising on international agency relationships, consultants should be truly international. SCAN International was therefore built on the unique expertise of specialized consultancies that represent eight cultural backgrounds and share an unparalleled experience in the field of agency relationships, agency selection and compensation. International marketing and communications is very complex work and it is mission critical to balance international vision and local knowledge of markets and agencies. 

Trade Organizations

International Advertising Association (United States)


François Fouasson
Associate, Advertising & Communications agency search
Phone: (+33) 1 41 43 70 10

New Business

Fabrice Valmier
Phone: (+33) 1 41 43 70 10


Number of Employees: 10
Fabrice Valmier
Phone: (+33) 1 41 43 70 10
François Fouasson
Associate, Advertising & Communications agency search
Phone: (+33) 1 41 43 70 10
Pascal Guilbert
Associate, leading the Change Management Department
Phone: (+33) 1 41 43 70 10
François Jourdan
VT Scan Group / Results International Consulting France
Phone: (+33) 1 41 43 70 10
Marion Leibrand
Marketing Manager
Phone: (+33) + 33 1 41 43 70 11


Advertiser Brand Business Sector Type of Work since
BMW Automotive
Danone Food
Decathlon Retail, Distribution & Restaurants