Grupo Consultores Spain, Madrid Update

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  • Madrid 28010
  • Spain
  • Phone: (+34) 91 702 11 13
  • Fax: (+34) 91 319 83 20

About Us

Grupo Consultores is a leading consulting firm specialized in the communications industry with a deep research base. The company was founded in 1990 and the goal of its skilled professional teams is to support the continuous improvement of marketing communications industry. We work with marketers, agencies and media. We have worked with leading companies in different markets around the world helping them in their decision making and also with business development solutions. Our team of professionals provides the best experience and advice possible in Iberia (Spain and Portugal), Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, México and Chile) and Asia Pacific (China, Singapore and India). Grupo Consultores has offices in Madrid, Lisbon, London, São Paulo, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore. Grupo Consultores operates jointly with R3 to Agencies in APAC. 

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Grupo Consultores offers support in the management of change, because we know that sometimes our clients need support in this changing times. The Company works under the following principles: Efficiency, Team Work, Independence, Confidentiality, Innovation and Long Term Relationships. 


The company was founded in 1990, starting to provide Agency Selection services in Spain. Grupo Consultores has 3 partners (César Vacchiano, Kika Samblas, and Pedro Loureiro) all currently working in the company and specialized in different areas of business. The different services expanded offering consultancy in a wide range of areas through the marketing communications industry and in 2003 the company started its international expansion. 


Grupo Consultores has collaborated during more than 20 years with more than 1,000 clients (marketers, media and all types of agencies). The company provides different services tailored for each client in the different markets. 

Practice Areas

  • Selection: We help marketers find and improve the working dynamics and relationships with Creative, Marketing Services, Digital, PR and Media Agencies. We do not work as a register in Spain, as we never charge and analists Agencies, our remuneration only comes from fees from clients.
  • Consultancy: Our consultants get involved in all strategic and media consultancing projects as well as research and specific ad-hoc studies.
  • Research: Grupo Consultores performs different studies every year or every two years. These proprietary studies are: agencyScope, mediaScope, productionScope, salaryScope, prScope, legalScope, brandScore, trendScore, and nbScore.
  • Merges & Acquisitions: Grupo Consultores also helps agencies to find the best partners.
  • Publising: Grupo Consultores publishes every year the agencyBook, its own Annual Book of Agencies including the best agencies in different markets (editions for Spain, Portugal, Brazil and China). Another annual publication is ‘The Effectiveness Book’ that includes the cases that win an Effectiveness Award (editions for Spain and Portugal).
  • Effectiveness Awards: Grupo Consultores organizes the Spanish Effectiveness Awards jointly with the Spanish Advertisers Association (aea) and the Portuguese Advertisers Association (APAN) in each one of these markets.
  • Grupo Consultores is the Official Representative in Spain of Cannes Festival, Eurobest, Dubai Lynx and Spikes Asia.
  • We also help our clients in the strategic thinking of organising events and awards within the Industry.