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R3:JLB has worked with a who's who of marketers of all shapes and sizes, and has managed reviews and compensation agreements collectively representing billions of dollars. However, dollar rankings are irrelevant to us. Client need is of upmost importance and we have consulted on projects ranging from global reviews and compensation planning involving dozens of client and agency offices to search projects for small, up and coming marketers hiring their very first agency. In recent years we have worked with clients such as: GM, U.S. Army, Welch's Foods, Cisco Systems, SC Johnson, Visa, Levi Strauss, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Microsoft, Kellogg's, Busch Entertainment Corporation, J&J, Lenovo, National Marine Manufacturer's Association, Whirlpool, Discover Financial Services, BMO, and Aurora Health Care. 

Practice Areas

Agency Reviews (Search and Selection): Our practice is not limited to brokering relationships. Rather, we focus on forging productive relationships based on shared expectations that come out of a thorough audit of client needs and a “real world” review process. We are a no “pay for play” consultancy. Since we don’t require agencies to tithe R3:JLB annually for the privilege of being included in an agency search, we are not beholden to a roster of “club” agencies. Ours is a more profound model. Our senior consultants all draw on years of client-agency experience, providing objective insights to make thoughtful relationships that produce value for our clients. R3:JLB has experience across a wide range of clients representing most every industry segment and across all types of agencies from global to local: advertising, media, public relations, direct marketing, interactive, promotion/event marketing, multicultural marketing, creative boutiques, and brand identity/design firms. Agency Remuneration: This was our firm’s original practice area. In the early 1970’s, we helped pioneer the move from agency commissions to fees, which is now the dominant method of agency compensation. In the 1980’s we helped pioneer the use of performance-based compensation, twenty years ahead of today’s curve. R3:JLB stays at the forefront of agency compensation practice not only through our consulting, but also through the triennial Trends in Agency Compensation survey we conduct with the Association of National Advertisers. Virtually all of our client assignments have a compensation component. And our objective is always the same: an equitable compensation agreement that provides value for both parties. Agency Relationship Consulting: In this arena, R3:JLB provides counsel relating to managing and measuring the productivity of the agency relationship – from designing and conducting client-agency performance evaluations, to identifying organizational and process improvements, to offering “marriage counseling” services. 

Network Description

With offices in New York, Chicago and Miami, R3:JLB offers strong U.S. agency market knowledge from coast to coast. Our team is made up only of consultants with over 25 years of experience in managing client-agency relationships and we provide senior-level, hands-on attention to all of our projects.

As part of the R3 consultancy, we are the only truly global consultancy specializing in agency search, compensation and performance. In addition to our U.S. offices, we have on the ground consulting resources in Beijing, Singapore, Mumbai, London, and Sao Paulo.