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Joanne Davis Consulting New York, United States


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

“Helping advertisers optimize their agency relationships, searches and remuneration.”

We provide senior level expertise to client organizations for mutually successful relationships internally and with external agencies. 

Network Description

To better serve international clients, Joanne Davis Consulting, Inc. is a partner in SCAN INTERNATIONAL, a multi-local communication management consultancy created in 2005. Partners of SCAN INTERNATIONAL are GrupoConsultores (Spain/ Portugal/Brazil), Scan Management Consultants (Benelux), Joanne Davis Consulting (USA), and Videotheque (France), all shareholders of Scan International BV –Amsterdam. Country Partners are The Haystack Group (UK) and Cherrypicker (Germany/Austria/Switzerland). 


New Business

Joanne Davis
President CEO
Phone: (+1) (212) 935-0320


Joanne Davis
President CEO
Phone: (+1) (212) 935-0320
Mary Ellen Andras

Cheryl Benton

Jane Twyon