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Roth Associates, New York City

  • 120 East 79th Street Suite 5C
  • New York City, New York 10079
  • United States
  • Phone: (+1) (212) 861-9420
  • Fax: (+1) (212) 861-9425

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Five key points of difference distinguish Roth Associates from other consultants.

  1. Roth Associates provides fact-based insight derived from data and experience. The long standing success of the firm is attributed to our commitment to marrying both the science and art of agency search and consulting. By science we mean the accuracy of our data which is compiled and updated regularly. By art we mean the qualitative aspect of search and relationship management culled from more years in this business than any other competitor.
  2. We maintain an unduplicated and proprietary database that allows us to benchmark staff costs by agency function, geography or type.Clients benefit from access to current, actual agency staff costs based on agency type, location and staff functions.
  3. Roth Associates has conducted media sgency searches with combined billings in excess of $2 billion. We are the only consultancy with a dedicated, global media expert and are recognized for our in-depth knowledge of the media agency landscape.
  4. Roth Associates only works for advertisers. We do not accept money from advertising agencies in any form (egistration fees, material storage fees, or new business consulting fees) as we believe that is a conflict of interest.
  5. Each of our processes is designed to yield usable results. The ultimate goal is to provide our clients with programs, plans or work that, at process end, has reduced the learning curve of a new agency partners or improved the effectiveness and efficiency of an existing partner and maximized our clients’ marketing investment of time and money. 

Network Description

Roth Associates in the U.S. has offices in New York City and Los Angeles. Our global network, Roth Observatory International, has offices in London, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Johannesburg and Singapore.


New Business

Dick Roth
Phone: (+1) 917.701.6563


Dick Roth
Phone: (+1) 917.701.6563
Cathy Cohan
Executive Vice President
Casey Burnett
Director, Operations
Rich Meyer
Global Media Strategist

Dave Braun
Global Media Strategist

Stephanie Becker
Project Management