Navigare Pty Ltd, Sydney Update

  • Suite 402, 6a Glen Street Milsons Point
  • Sydney, NSW 2061
  • Australia
  • Phone: (+61) 2 9925 0252
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About Us

First, we should specify what we don’t do. We do not direct Agency Search or Agency Pitch programs.

However, we can and do provide governance and oversight protocols for Clients undertaking self-managed Agency Search assignments.

Our primary focus is building stronger, longer lasting relationship between Marketers and Agencies. Marketers typically engage us to do this with their existing Agency roster. While Agencies typically engage us to do this with their portfolio of clients.

We are skilled intermediaries; and play a vital role in enabling parties to openly and honestly identify barriers to excellence on each side, and guide the development of actions that remove these barriers.

We do this by discovering behaviours; influencing performance; aligning expectations; and monitoring activities.

Thereby maximizing the value of service providers to their clients. 

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Navigare was formed in 1995, and created the category. We were the first, and we are still the leader.

What makes us unique, and superior, is:

* We are software enabled, rather than software based. We are valued not for what we do, but for what we do with it. In fact, much of our work comes from consulting and compliance engagements, where no software is used.

* We do not develop or own our own software. When we do require software, we choose the best solution for client needs; rather than being limited to selling our own.

* Our Principals come from the most senior ranks of the advertising business, and can speak as practitioners, rather than theorists. Our experience leads to insights; and these insights lead to better practice.

* It is ALL we do. There is never a conflict of interest, as would be natural with others who also perform search.

* We are still pioneering new, contemporary service offerings. While Navigare is still the leading relationship management intermediary, more and more of our clients are seeking our leadership in: working alongside Procurement; in advising on Scope Of Need and Scope of Resource development and monitoring; in the development of effective and fair PBR; as well as in providing counsel and training. 


The Navigare Principals are ex CEOs of leading advertising agencies. They have run companies and regions. They are contemporary practitioners, experienced consultants, skilled negotiators.


Navigare has provided its skilled professional services since 1995. We have undertaken our programs throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America and Europe for both multinational/international marketing and agency principals, as well as for local Australian companies.

Practice Areas

Agency & Provider Evaluation, Relationship Management & Retention Programs.  Client Evaluation, Relationship Management & Retention Programs.  Mediation; Intervention; Conflict Resolution.  Negotiations; Agreements; Contracts; Mergers; Sales & Acquisitions; Post Acquisition Integration Strategies and Implementation.

Network Description

Navigare is based in Sydney, Australia. In the event local resources are called for, Navigare maintains collaborative alliances with an elite network of best-practice consultant colleagues.

But the reality is that because of our skills and experience, most clients require our personal leadership and direction. So we travel; and utilise technolgy to ensure delivery of our services at the highest levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence.