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Dec 2, 2015
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Reborn statues

Funny way to create statues

TITLE Reborn Statues
AGENCY Y&R Budapest
SUMMARY Hungary is the country of the creativity. To pay tribute to the artists, the city of Budapest dedicated a place to exhibit their Creation. Located in the biggest park of the City, The Avenue of the Artists exhibits permanently artists' statues. Unfortunately, two of them were stolen and the city does not have enough money to replace them. Thus, Lego decided to participate in the promotion of this creativity and helped in the replacement of both stolen statues. Entirely built by Lego’s bricks, these statues are exact retorts of the former one. Thanks to this initiative, this Avenue is now the Place to see by both tourists and citizens.
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Have a massage, have a KitKat !

TITLE Massages
SUMMARY Colombia is a country where people are proud of their local and traditional brands. So, to enter the market, KitKat decided to promote its product in an unusual way: by offering free massages to commuters. Organized in Bogota, one of the most stressful cities in Latin America known for its high-density population, traffic jams and strained public transportation system, KitKat deployed more than 100 billboards—20 of which were billboards offering massages. Located at bus stations, the billboards invited people waiting for the bus to have a break and relax. As soon as they lean against the billboard, a motor activates and a pleasant massage begins that targets the upper and lower back areas. All 20 massage billboards were promoted through social media so people could locate them and have a relaxing massage while waiting for the bus.
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Donation Posters

Technology Helps Melbourne’s Homeless Return Home

TITLE Donation Posters
BRAND Public Transport Victoria
SUMMARY In Melbourne, more than 25,000 kids are homeless. In order to help them find their way back home, the Public Transport of Victoria is using technology and a unique ticket purchasing system for commuters. Interactive posters were created that enable commuters to donate public transport cards for homeless kids directly through the billboard. By touching the billboard with their transport cards, the value of the ticket is transferred as a donation to the homeless youth charity, Ladder. Each time a donation is made, the young homeless person seen on the poster leaves for home.
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Photographs & stories

A book that tells you the story

IDEAS book, direct marketing, sound
TITLE Speaking Images 2015
BRAND World Press Photo Annual
AGENCY Serviceplan
SUMMARY Each year, World Press Photo honours the world’s best photographs in journalism. And in 2015, World Press Photo will be lending these images a voice with a special edition of its yearbook: the first book ever to have pages/images consisting of printed loudspeakers. Thanks to an innovative and patented technology developed with the University of Chemnitz over several years, it is now possible to let each page speak for itself. Each printed image is also a printed loudspeaker. As soon as the page is turned, sound is emitted by the loudspeaker which covers its entire surface. The sound then stops on the next page. Each image therefore tells the observer its own unique story, provides background information and evokes emotion with genuine voices and authentic sounds.
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Free Music Tackles Obesity in Poland

Free Music Tackles Obesity in Poland

IDEAS Mobile, great causes, free music, teenagers, obesity
TITLE Moving Tracks
BRAND Run With Heart Foundation
SUMMARY In Poland, 1 in 4 teenagers suffers from obesity, and 50% of them don’t do any exercise. Obesity has become an alarming epidemic for the country. So the “Run with Heart Foundation” has partnered with Warner Music, Universal and Sony to create a fun and effective way to get kids moving. The developed a mobile site called “Moving Tracks” that gives teenagers free access to the best and most exclusive unreleased songs, but on one condition: the track only plays when the GPS in the mobile devices detects that the teenagers are actually running. The project is still ongoing, but has yet reached over 500,000 young teenagers.
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Airbnb takes you to the view

Ready to leave!

IDEAS Outdoor installation, travel, coupon, game
TITLE The Windows Billboard
BRAND Airbnb
SUMMARY TBWA Milan created a billboard installation that literally opened a window on the world. Set up in Milan for Airbnb, three open windows showed passersby views of three different travel destinations. In fact, the windows were connected to real Airbnb houses. Other windows were closed, but pedestrians were invited to open them by pushing a big red button. Sometimes they hit a blank wall - but luckier participants saw a great view and were told they had won a digital travel coupon from Airbnb. During the campaign, one person participated every 40 seconds.
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A traditional beauty symbol can save lives

TITLE Life Saving Dot
BRAND Talwar Bindi
SUMMARY In India, women were suffering from the debilitating impact of insufficient Iodine in their diets, which made them prone to developing breast cancer, fibrocystic diseases, and complications during pregnancy. In order to correct this problem and provide adequate iodine dosages, Talwar Bindis and the Neelvasant Medical Foundation collaborated to develop a solution to protect Indian women from diseases stemming from iodine deficiencies. So they created the Talwar Bindi – the “Life Saving Dot” infused with iodine – that was used by more than 500 million women in India, making it not only a unique symbol of beauty, but also a symbol of life.
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Fiat rewards back seat bucklers

Incentive to buckle up

IDEAS CSR, road safety, wi-fi, taxis, cabs
TITLE Safety Wi-Fi
SUMMARY Brazilians don't like buckling their seat belts when they're in the back seat, even though this is a cause of many road deaths. But instead of using shock tactics to convince them, Fiat decided to reward safe travellers. So it offered an incentive to the back seat passengers of taxis : free internet access. Wi-Fi was installed in taxis across the city. But it only worked when passengers buckled up. At the time of writing Fiat's campaign has reached over 4,500 passengers, and more people than ever before are buckling up for a safe ride.
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Soap as a Bus Ticket

Sanitary Innovation Makes Bus Transportation Safer

TITLE Soap Bus Ticket
BRAND Asiri Hospital Group
SUMMARY Sri Lankans use buses as their primary means of transportation. As we know, buses are renowned for being unsanitary places where diseases easily spread. In order to alert and inform people about the threat of disease and protect them from illness, Asri Hospital Group created an inventive and innovative bus ticket called Soap Bus ticket. The material used for this bus ticket is made of paper infused with soap. Thanks to this innovation, people using buses received this special ticket so they could protect themselves simply by washing their hands – even on the bus. This new sanitary precaution is now widely deployed throughout the country.
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A social bird with a hidden secret

Birth of a new species through the social media

IDEAS social media, reveal
TITLE Tuluver
BRAND Birdlife South Africa
SUMMARY When Birdlife South Africa announced that it had discovered a new bird species called the tuluver, some ornithologists were sceptical. After extensive social media buzz, it was revealed that tuluver was in fact an anagram of a more familiar but endangered bird: the vulture. On September 5, International Vulture Awareness Day, it was time to improve the image of a bird that suffers because of its association with death. A campaign film explained the importance of vultures to the eco-system and added a final message: “If we can get this passionate about discovering a new species, why can’t we get as passionate about losing one?”
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A Connected and Intelligent “Elephant” Bank

When virtual money becomes real

IDEAS online banking, coins, money, children, Clever Cash,kids,
TITLE Meet Clever Kash, ASB's new cashless moneybox
SUMMARY In today’s digital world, credit cards and online banking have replaced coins and cash stored in wallets. New Zealand’s ASB Bank realized that it is difficult to teach children the value of money and the importance of savings in a cashless society. So ASB created “Clever Kash” – a digital piggy bank (but in this case, an elephant) that helps children understand the value of money. The system is directly linked to the parent’s banking account; every time a parent deposits money into “Clever Kash” virtual coins appear on the screen along with a total amount of money stored in the bank account.
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Domestic violence in designer homes

Special feature of a design magazine

IDEAS press magazine, domestic violences, articles
TITLE Paradise Hill – It’s Not OK & HOME Magazine
BRAND It’s Not OK / HOME Magazine
SUMMARY Most New Zealanders associate domestic violence with low income groups. But a study showed that it affects not only one in three women nationally, but one in four of all wealthy households. However, since the violence happens behind closed doors, it remains hidden. To bring it into plain sight, the organization “Family Violence It’s Not OK”, partnered with Home Magazine, the leading interior design magazine, to create a special feature. Pictures of a minimalist designer home betrayed subtle clues that all was not as it seemed. The discreet signs of hidden violence led to a reveal at the end of the article. The smart media strategy sparked a debate in traditional and social media.
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Reebok invites the moviegoers to run

Sneakers promotion in movie theaters

IDEAS movie theaters, cinema advertising
TITLE Run The Movie
BRAND Reebok
SUMMARY In South Korean movie theaters, filmgoers were not on the edge of their seats - they were up and running. To promote its new ZPump Fusion sneakers, Reebok set up treadmills in cinemas. Once the movie began, the image seemed to freeze as if was loading, until one of the moviegoers was encouraged to put on the Zpump and start running. In fact, the movie would only continue playing as long as there was someone running. The filmgoers took part in a relay race until the final credits. This stunt not only promoted the new Reebok shoe, but the fact that running is better for you than sitting around.
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Print Media Innovation from the North Face

Outdoor print ad

IDEAS print, media innovation, light
TITLE Water Lamp
BRAND The North Face
SUMMARY The North Face, the moutain sport brand has created a revolutionary print ad that turns into a water lap during the night. To use, it has an instruction to fold the paper in certain ways and make it stand like a lamp, use water oa specific spot and it will begin lighting up so you can use it to light a spot outside. Indeed, through a chemical reactions, electrons flows from the zinc to the copper and enlighten the paper. Thanks to The North Face, "you never stop exploring" even during the night
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Press Magazine Media Innovation

Interactive cover for Beauty

IDEAS press magazine, interactive cover, press innovation, skin care products, hygiene products
TITLE Caras Interactive Cover
BRAND Neutrogena
SUMMARY More than 25 thousand subscribers received a special edition of the Brazilian beauty magazine Caras last week. The magazine featured a special cover where readers could use a cleansing wipe from Neutrogena to remove makeup from the cover girl portrait and see her natural beauty. This gave readers the opportunity to handle, test and evaluate the product efficiently. The experience was made possible thanks to a close partnership between Neutrogena, the agency DM9DDB, and the media.
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Lose weight with chocolate

Chocolate flyer recruitment campaign

IDEAS mailing, chocolate, coupon
TITLE The Chocolate Flyer
BRAND SureSlim
SUMMARY The brief to Publicis Machine was to recruit people to SureSlim, a weight-loss program based on a customized health and wellness plan. The solution was chocolate. Or rather, the Chocolate Flyer: a mailing made out of a tablet of 100% pure milk chocolate. This became a discount coupon, but only if you brought it intact to SureSlim. And if you hadn’t been able to resist the temptation to nibble, each remaining square of chocolate was worth a 1% discount.
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Small virtual reality with Porsche

The most stable Porsche

IDEAS direct mail, luxury advertising, virtual reality
AGENCY FF Shanghai
SUMMARY The Porsche 919 Hybrid racing car is so stable that even at high speeds, it looks as if it's barely moving. In order to invite fans to see it for real at the 24h Mans race, Porsche sent them with a direct mailing with a virtual surprise. The mail could be folded into a box showing a picture of the car. But thanks to a QR code and your smartphone, the box could be transformed into a small theater showing the Porsche 919 speeding along the road - while apparently standing still.
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A SIRIous safety message

Toyota creates an innovative radio ad to reduce car crashes

IDEAS Mobile phones, interaction, radio, road safety, SIRI
TITLE Toyota - A SIRIOUS safety message
BRAND Toyota
SUMMARY It's fun to chat with SIRI, but what if the dialogue could be used to draw attention to a problem? In this case, using your phone while driving. In fact, in the US and the UK, one in four accidents are caused by mobile phone use. Drivers will never leave their phones at home, but the Toyota radio ad solves the problem by simply switching the devices off. The ad engages in conversation with SIRI and asks her to switch the phone to airplane mode. When she protests, the ad's narrator underlines the danger of texting or phoning while driving.
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Customized TV ad

Coca-Cola creates 4 millions personalized TV commercials

IDEAS tv commercials, digital tv, customization, sodas, soft drinks
TITLE The world's first fully personalised tv campaign
BRAND Coca-Cola
SUMMARY Coca-Cola and Channel 4 have created personalized TV commercials as a new part of the "Share a Coke" concept. They will be featured on the online streaming of Channel 4: 4oD. Anyone can register and then see the Channel 4 logo transformed into a Coke bottle with his name on it.
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Samsung clears the road ahead

A new road safety initiative

IDEAS road safety, csr, transport, vehicles
TITLE The Safety Truck
BRAND Samsung
SUMMARY Argentina has many one-lane roads – and a lot of fatalities due to overtaking. Samsung wanted to make a difference. To promote road safety and prevent collisions, Samsung worked with Leo Burnett to design a special truck equipped with monitors at the rear. Even when a vehicle is stuck behind the truck, its driver can see whether or not the road ahead is clear. The trucks provided a service – but they also raised awareness of a problem and warned drivers of the danger of reckless overtaking.
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