Jul 29, 2015
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Lose weight with chocolate

Chocolate flyer recruitment campaign

IDEAS mailing, chocolate, coupon
TITLE The Chocolate Flyer
BRAND SureSlim
SUMMARY The brief to Publicis Machine was to recruit people to SureSlim, a weight-loss program based on a cu.... more
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Small virtual reality with Porsche

The most stable Porsche

IDEAS direct mail, luxury advertising, virtual reality
SUMMARY The Porsche 919 Hybrid racing car is so stable that even at high speeds, it looks as if it's barely .... more
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A SIRIous safety message

Toyota creates an innovative radio ad to reduce car crashes

IDEAS Mobile phones, interaction, radio, road safety, SIRI
TITLE Toyota - A SIRIOUS safety message
BRAND Toyota
SUMMARY It's fun to chat with SIRI, but what if the dialogue could be used to draw attention to a problem? I.... more
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Customized TV ad

Coca-Cola creates 4 millions personalized TV commercials

IDEAS tv commercials, digital tv, customization, sodas, soft drinks
TITLE The world's first fully personalised tv campaign
BRAND Coca-Cola
SUMMARY Coca-Cola and Channel 4 have created personalized TV commercials as a new part of the "Share a Coke".... more
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Samsung clears the road ahead

A new road safety initiative

IDEAS road safety, csr, transport, vehicles
TITLE The Safety Truck
BRAND Samsung
SUMMARY Argentina has many one-lane roads – and a lot of fatalities due to overtaking. Samsung wanted to mak.... more
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