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Apr 16, 2014
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A bright idea…
…That lights up your magazine!
IDEAS bike, light, interactive ad, magazine, social media, facebook, bike light, bight lamp
TITLE The Brightest Online Ad
BRAND Lupine
SUMMARY In order to promote their brand new lighting systems, the “Betty” (the brightest bike light in the w.... more
Apotek Hjärtat blows life into a digital screen
An engaging and innovative idea that creates curiosity
IDEAS digital billboards, digital billboards, subway, hair care
TITLE Blowing in the Wind
BRAND Apotek Hjärtat
SUMMARY In a Stockholm subway commuters were introduced to Apotek Hjärtat new line of hair care products. Th.... more
Innovation in bus shelters
Raise awareness about homelessness with an outdoor innovation
IDEAS outdoor, adshel, homeless, charity, fundraising, donation
TITLE Caritas Adshel Heater
BRAND Caritas
SUMMARY In reaction to the eviction of the homeless from Viennese City Park on the arrival of Winter, DDB Tr.... more
Lisbon affirms its identity with a creation on the essence of the city
A new typing font as its corporate identity
IDEAS typography, font, corporate identity, tourism, tourist
BRAND Lisbon City Council
SUMMARY The trams are part of Lisbon's landscape and have become an icon of the city. Their wires scratch th.... more
Fusion between Real life and Internet
The newest model has become the feature of a live, online car chase showing off its handling ability and speed
IDEAS ad banner, cars, automotive, click rate, volkswagen
TITLE GTI BannerBahn
BRAND Volkswagen
SUMMARY An app enabled people to practice with the different models to try and catch the car, and the most p.... more
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