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Dec 19, 2014
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Perfect combination between a website and an automotive brand to create branded content
Online test for some features of the vehicles
IDEAS native advertising, digital, wetransfer, automotive
TITLE WeDefender
BRAND Land Rover
SUMMARY Land Rover & Wetransfer have partnered to offer Wetransfer users a native advertising: WeDefender (t.... more
Musical Business Cards
Music that reminds you the best store.
IDEAS direct marketing, business cards, music,
TITLE Musical Visiting Card
BRAND Muzzone
SUMMARY MuzZone is a Russian musical instrument store. To promote it with a minimum budget, the agency came .... more
Spectacular outdoor installation
Flashback into the Berlin Wall's History
IDEAS Outdoor, landmarks, projection
TITLE Flashback: Discover Berlin's Hidden History
BRAND Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH
SUMMARY 25 years after its fall, the Berlin Wall has become one of the most visited landmarks in Europe, but.... more
PSA Stunt for road safety
Interactive cinema ad
IDEAS Cinema, movie theater, csr, Volkswagen, road safety, texting while driving, stunt, effective, effie
TITLE Eyes on the Road
BRAND Volkswagen
SUMMARY Mobile use is a leading cause of deaths behind the wheel. That is the topic of one of the latest CSR.... more
Time Out to know what’s happening in Hong Kong through a digital communication
Switch the ad banners for a useful information
IDEAS digital, banners, entertainment, Hong Kong, media, pop-up blockers, ad-blockers
TITLE Banner Swap (Film)
SUMMARY Ad blockers or pop-up blockers not only threaten the survival of a lot of websites, but also challen.... more
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