Aug 30, 2015
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Tips for moms to be from JWT Israel and Materna

Interactive Digital Billboard

IDEAS outdoor, digital billboard, baby food, interactivity
TITLE Materna - tips for moms to be
BRAND Materna
SUMMARY The baby food brand Materna wanted to reinforce its proximity with moms and future mothers. Veteran .... more
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Volkswagen calls out latecomers to the movies

Demo in a movie theater

IDEAS cinema, automotive, movie theaters
TITLE Cinema Pedestrian Detection
BRAND Volkswagen
AGENCY DDB Barcelona
SUMMARY You're in the cinema, already munching your popcorn and watching the trailers. Then some annoying la.... more
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McDonald's creates roadside happiness in Manila

Motorists drive into an express breakfast

IDEAS event, activation, highways, road, fast-food
TITLE #McTollbooth surprises motorists
BRAND McDonald's
SUMMARY In Manila, traffic congestion is such a problem that McDonald’s decided to reach people where they .... more
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Billboards as training exercises

On street demo: "You have more power than you think"

IDEAS billboards, sports, energy drinks
TITLE The Powerade Workout Billboards
BRAND Powerade
SUMMARY The energy drink Powerade has created special billboards which make you sweat in climbing the scroll.... more
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Augmented reality brochure

Explore the car with a brochure and your smartphone

IDEAS brochure, augmented reality, mobile phone, virtual
TITLE Audi TT Brochure Hack
AGENCY Razorfish
SUMMARY The third generation of the Audi TT is the perfect combination of design and performance. It is the .... more
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