Apr 18, 2015
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Remote car for a corporate communication

Lancia activates its sponsorship with the Stade Français

IDEAS events, competition, automotive, rugby
TITLE Tee Pilot: Episode 3
BRAND Lancia
SUMMARY Lancia is sponsoring the Stade Français rugby. This brilliant team of the Top 14 championship is fam.... more
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Don’t waste your time waiting for a plane

Air France activates its Business class with a mobile game.

IDEAS mobile, airlines, transport, activation
TITLE Upgrade Challenge
BRAND Air France
SUMMARY To celebrate the arrival of the new Air France Business cabins in Asia, the airlines and Fred & Fari.... more
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Flagged billboard

Who knows that Coca-Cola is a Danish brand ?

IDEAS billboard, airport, coca-cola, flags, tradition
TITLE The Happy Flag
BRAND Coca-Cola
SUMMARY Denmark is one of the happiest country in the world. Coca-Cola has recently noticed that the Danish .... more
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Great aquatic stunt

In the very competitive market of smartphones, Xperia stands out from the crowd

IDEAS PR stunt, pop-up store, waterproof, smartphone, Middle-East, experiential
TITLE The World's First Underwater Store
SUMMARY For the launch of the new Xperia Z3 range in Dubai, FP7 agency has come UP with the idea of a specia.... more
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Edible social Media

Nestlé refreshes its social media communication

IDEAS social media, chocolate, food
TITLE Toll House Social Media Bakery
BRAND Toll House
SUMMARY Nestlé Toll House® chocolate chip cookie planned to refresh its social media communication. Therefor.... more
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