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Mar 4, 2015
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Culture Dispensing Machine
A bank transforms its ATM’s into CDM’s for a corporate campaign
IDEAS ATMs, banking, UAE, Emirati
TITLE The Culture Dispensing Machine
BRAND Emirates NBD
SUMMARY Emirates NBD is a leading retail banking franchise in UAE. To celebrate the national day and to make.... more
TV Monopoly
A bank stands out from its competitors with a special TV campaign
IDEAS TV, banking services,
TITLE The 24 hour ad break
SUMMARY DNB bank has 24-hour customer service. To reinforce this with the customer, they bought every single.... more
Express your texts!
The Emography Project reveals the emotion in your text messages
IDEAS texts, messages, messaging, emotions, feeling, typography
TITLE The Emography Project
SUMMARY It’s always hard to have your short messages read the right way. So, MTV mobile created a free messa.... more
Perfect combination between a website and an automotive brand to create branded content
Online test for some features of the vehicles
IDEAS native advertising, digital, wetransfer, automotive
TITLE WeDefender
BRAND Land Rover
SUMMARY Land Rover & Wetransfer have partnered to offer Wetransfer users a native advertising: WeDefender (t.... more
Musical Business Cards
Music that reminds you the best store.
IDEAS direct marketing, business cards, music,
TITLE Musical Visiting Card
BRAND Muzzone
SUMMARY MuzZone is a Russian musical instrument store. To promote it with a minimum budget, the agency came .... more
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