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Apr 20, 2014
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An innovative calendar
Usable/Drinkable leaves
IDEAS calendar, promotional items, promotional gifts, tea, hot drinks
TITLE H+L Teacalendar
BRAND Hälssen & Lyon
SUMMARY The calendar is one of the oldest promotional gifts. Hälssen & Lyon and Kolle Rebbe have create.... more
Stunt operation in cinemas
Sony pranks the public
IDEAS movie theaters, mobile phones, stunts, interactive cinema commercial, soft drinks
TITLE Soda Call
SUMMARY Sony has profited from the “Skyfall” preview in Swedish movie theaters by promoting its new Xperia A.... more
The Subway petition
Follow the campaign along the subway platform
IDEAS Billboards, story-telling, subway, platforms, petition, charities, charity
TITLE Let's Protect our Humanitarians
BRAND Action contre la Faim
SUMMARY Action against Hunger and TBWA Paris, reminds us the danger of being a humanitarian worker. In 2006 .... more
Comparative operation
Advertise from your competitors failings
IDEAS mobile app., public transports, winter, discount, coupon
TITLE The Train Switch
BRAND Swebus
SUMMARY With the winter, trains are often delayed or cancelled due to the weather conditions. Swebus, which .... more
A unique makeover experience
If Only for a second: Break in a life of cancer patients
IDEAS branded content, charity, event
TITLE If Only For A Second
BRAND Fondation Mimi
SUMMARY Mimi Foundation is convinced that cancer must be fought not only on the medical front but through th.... more
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