Aug 2, 2015
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VW Think Blue vending machine converts old batteries into gifts


IDEAS vending machine, recycling, recycle
TITLE Volkswagen Think Blue creates new eco-currency
BRAND Volkswagen Think Blue
SUMMARY What if you could use dead batteries as currency? It’s now possible in Russia, thanks to an unusual .... more
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New Bottles Are Up To Scratch

New labels to customize

IDEAS labels, mineral water, customization, packaging
TITLE Signature Bottle
BRAND Aershan
SUMMARY Water is valuable in China, which has a population of 1.3 billion. Yet every day, half-full water bo.... more
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Thin premise for a smartphone ad

Double side magazine ad

IDEAS transparent page, silhouette, smartphone, articles, magazine
TITLE Everslim
BRAND Evertek
SUMMARY The Tunisian mobile phone brand Evertek, launched in 2006, has come up with a pretty thin idea to pr.... more
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Squeezing awareness from Twitter

H2O Challenge

IDEAS Twitter, social media, awareness campaign
TITLE h2ofilter (Case Study)
BRAND Unicef
SUMMARY World Water Day on March 22nd is an ideal opportunity for NGOs to communicate about imbalances in ac.... more
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Interactive Digital Billboards

Use of facial recognition to raise awareness about domestic violence

IDEAS #IWD, digital billboard, PSA
TITLE Look At Me (Case Study)
BRAND Women's Aid
SUMMARY For International Women's Day, WCRS has teamed up with Women's Aid and Ocean Outdoor to address the .... more
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