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Sep 14, 2014
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Responsible concept & product development
Rebirth after reading
IDEAS product development, environmental-friendly, ink cartridge, save paper, save trees
TITLE The Disappearing Ink
BRAND Friends Of The Earth
SUMMARY Every day, countless documents are printed and thrown out once read. To reduce the waste of paper, y.... more
Offer a personal chocolate for Easter
Say something special with Cadbury
IDEAS direct marketing, chocolate, pop-up store, share
TITLE Say it with Chocolate
BRAND Cadbury
SUMMARY Cadbury has gone further with its activation philosophy of JOY in Malaysia with “Say It with Chocola.... more
Would you dare to exchange your car with a vehicle you didn't know?
Porsche proves the power of its brand with a special contest
IDEAS gaming, luxury cars, online
TITLE Porsche Blind Trade
BRAND Porsche
SUMMARY March was the month for an online game from Porsche and its agency Achtung! Dutch people were offere.... more
Education keeps children away from poverty
Objects created for a campaign become collectibles
IDEAS CSR, charity, retail
TITLE Bookends
BRAND Kinokuniya
SUMMARY Today, nearly 100 million children around the world don’t go to school. Kinokuniya is a big bookstor.... more
Base innovates in TV with Duval Guillaume
Watching TV or a streaming TV show?
IDEAS television, tv, media innovation, tv shows, telecom, wireless network
TITLE Jamming Prime Time TV Shows
SUMMARY You’re sitting on your couch, watching TV and suddenly it freezes, like if the video was loading on .... more
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