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Apr 19, 2014
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Contextual advertising on TV
New media space used for a promotion
IDEAS Television, TV, tags, tv commercial, Saudi Arabia
TITLE Sale Intervention
SUMMARY In a country where there are no cinemas, movies are seen at home on TV. Thus, TV ad breaks are almos.... more
Enter a place where traditional advertising is banned
An art exhibition with banknotes to raise funds
IDEAS Charity, exhibition, fundraising, donation, hotel, installation
TITLE Shadow Faces
SUMMARY Worldwide 20 million people are blind as a result of cataracts, the general public are mostly unawar.... more
Switch behind the film
How to attract people to a music genre they don’t usually listen to
IDEAS Video, music, youtube, banners, movies
TITLE Classicals behind the Classics
BRAND Brazilian Symphony Orchestra
SUMMARY The audience of classical concert is an older generation. To attract young people, Brazilian Symphon.... more
Hummus stunt
Achla Hummus misleading its customers with packaged hummus in restaurant
IDEAS hummus, food, secret, stunt, restaurant
TITLE Hummus Restaurant
BRAND Achla Hummus
SUMMARY In Israel, hummus is a pilar of the culture. In order to prove that its product is as good as homema.... more
A CSR Ambient about a usual privacy place
Toilets for Health. Domestos exposes the issue of open defecation
IDEAS ambient, csr, stunt, hygiene, sanitation, Piccadily Circus, World Toilet Day
TITLE See Through Loo
BRAND Domestos
SUMMARY Over one billion people worldwide have no access to a toilet and are forced to go in the open with t.... more
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