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Jan 30, 2015
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Multi-screen synchronized campaign
The ad break you can’t miss
IDEAS Smoothies, food, gamification, tv commercial, synchronized, mobile app., ad break
TITLE Fruit Match
BRAND McDonald's
SUMMARY McDonald’s and its agency DDB Sweden have created the first TV campaign interacting with a second sc.... more
Virtual Drive
Customized digital experience
IDEAS digital, web, automotive, car, drive test
TITLE The Detour
BRAND Nissan
SUMMARY People spend a lot of time online before buying a car, looking for the best options, comparing and c.... more
Collectible Item : the Bottle Cap
A new solution to help Land Rover drivers facing hostile environments
IDEAS caps, automotive, collectible, hot temperatures
TITLE Bottle Cap
BRAND Land Rover
SUMMARY After the edible desert survival guide, the personal extinction prevention book and the road-map cal.... more
Original use of social media
Posthumous Tweets
IDEAS twitter, fundraising, ALS, death, diseases, donation
TITLE Dead Man Tweeting
BRAND ALS Foundation Netherlands
SUMMARY This campaign is a follow-up to a project initiated three years ago by the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral .... more
Fresh News Bottle! A new media
Special packaging edition
IDEAS water bottles, newspaper, media, packaging, readership
TITLE News Bottle!
BRAND Mainichi
SUMMARY Newspaper readership is declining dramatically among young adults in Japan, so this campaign set out.... more
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