Mar 29, 2015
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PSA Stunt for road safety

Interactive cinema ad

IDEAS Cinema, movie theater, csr, Volkswagen, road safety, texting while driving, stunt, effective, effie
TITLE Eyes on the Road
BRAND Volkswagen
SUMMARY Mobile use is a leading cause of deaths behind the wheel. That is the topic of one of the latest CSR.... more
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Time Out to know what’s happening in Hong Kong through a digital communication

Switch the ad banners for a useful information

IDEAS digital, banners, entertainment, Hong Kong, media, pop-up blockers, ad-blockers
TITLE Banner Swap (Film)
SUMMARY Ad blockers or pop-up blockers not only threaten the survival of a lot of websites, but also challen.... more
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Communicating before the movie starts

Plan Belgium hijacks parental advisory notices

IDEAS movie trailer, PSA, girls, non-profit, charity, pre-roll, hijack
TITLE Little Girls Hijack Age Warning During Prime Time
SUMMARY The International Day of the Girl Child last week reminded us of one of the threats faced by girls a.... more
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“There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.”

When the TV screen becomes the activation point

IDEAS television, tv, red, news
BRAND Observator
AGENCY Geometry
SUMMARY Geometry Romania has probably remembered the introduction of the old TV show series “The Outer Limit.... more
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From the black sheep of the luxury cars to the most awaited ones

A PR operation revealing a product, step by step

IDEAS design, social media, teaser, reveal, PR
TITLE The Unbranded Launch
SUMMARY Volvo brand identity refers to safety and security. Just because it’s a functionality it doesn't pre.... more
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