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Nov 22, 2014
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Nivea, the friend of your summer on the beach
A useful magazine ad associated with an App.
IDEAS mobile app. csr, beach, holidays, children, kids, magazine ad
TITLE Protection Ad
BRAND Nivea Kids
SUMMARY FCB in Brasil have once again innovated for its clients Beiersdorf and Nivea Kids to help you to spe.... more
Second-live Caps
Coca-Cola gives your empty bottles a second life
IDEAS recycling, CSR, soft drinks, recycle, bottles, re-use
TITLE 2nd Lives
BRAND Coca-Cola
SUMMARY Coca-Cola Recycling is one of the responsible initiatives launched to create “positive changes” in t.... more
Smoking Outdoor
A stunt that becomes a huge outdoor viral
IDEAS stunt, billboard, food, demo
TITLE Burning Billboard
BRAND Sealord
SUMMARY The seafood brand Sealord promoted its smoked salmon with an original stunt: a billboard has been tu.... more
SI-OTREN INOTORMOP (In-store promotion)
CSR operation for the Happy Meal
IDEAS Fast-food, restaurants, in-store, posters, csr
TITLE Literacy Store
BRAND McDonald's
SUMMARY The Illiteracy rate in the USA hasn't changed for 10 years, and most people don't appreciate how dif.... more
Light Adaptive Communication
Changing Posters to promote changing glasses.
IDEAS Opticians, glasses, light, posters, outdoor
TITLE Light Adaptive Poster
BRAND Optic Square
SUMMARY Optic Square is a Thai Opticians chain which has requested the support of BBDO & Proximity to promot.... more
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