Oct 6, 2015
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Lifebuoy campaign cleans up shopping

The handles of shopping carts are swarming with germs

IDEAS shopper marketing, activation, hygiene products
TITLE Handle on Hygiene
BRAND Lifebuoy
SUMMARY You could pick up more than your groceries when you visit the supermarket. Tests have shown that the handles of shopping carts are swarming with germs. In Dubai, Lifebuoy and Geometry Global came to the rescue with an on-ground activation awareness programme. They created a handy doughnut-shaped gadget that slides along the shopping cart handle, instantly sanitizing it. On the one hand this enabled healthier shopping, killing 99% of germs with one swipe, and on the other it raised awareness of Lifebuoy’s sanitizer gel.
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A water-generating billboard to nurture crops

UTEC Annual Challenge

IDEAS OOH, creative technology, billboard, water-generating
TITLE Air Orchard
SUMMARY To attract fresh applicants, the UTEC (University of Engineering and Technology) in Peru sets its students an annual challenge. This time they were asked to find a way of irrigating plants with fresh water in an area where polluted waterways make this impossible. Their solution: The Air Orchard, a billboard that generates fresh water. The system works by converting airborne moisture into pure water using ten dehumidifiers hidden behind the poster. An irrigation system then streams the water to rows of lettuces. So far, more than 2,800 pollution-free lettuces have been given away to local people.
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VW Think Blue vending machine converts old batteries into gifts


IDEAS vending machine, recycling, recycle
TITLE Volkswagen Think Blue creates new eco-currency
BRAND Volkswagen Think Blue
SUMMARY What if you could use dead batteries as currency? It’s now possible in Russia, thanks to an unusual vending machine. More than 15 million batteries and accumulators are thrown away in Russia every year; a serious problem, given the fact that a single battery can pollute more than 20 square meters of earth with heavy metals. Hence the vending machine co-created by Volkswagen Think Blue, the auto-maker’s eco-initiative, and DDB Russia. Installed at high-profile sites in Moscow, the THINK machines enable users to pop in their old batteries in exchange for VW-branded goodies and eco-products. One machine can collect around 1,000 used batteries a month.
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New Bottles Are Up To Scratch

New labels to customize

IDEAS labels, mineral water, customization, packaging
TITLE Signature Bottle
BRAND Aershan
SUMMARY Water is valuable in China, which has a population of 1.3 billion. Yet every day, half-full water bottles are trashed because people can’t identify their own bottle after group activities like meetings and soccer matches. To raise awareness and reinforce the environmental-friendly image of bottled water brand Aershan, Cheil Beijing came up with a smart solution: a scratch-able silver coating that allows people to scratch their initials or another design into the label. Each bottle becomes easy to distinguish when, say, returning to the side of the pitch for that vital post-match thirst-quencher. The initiative drove a sales increase of 21% as well as positive buzz on social media.
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Thin premise for a smartphone ad

Double side magazine ad

IDEAS transparent page, silhouette, smartphone, articles, magazine
TITLE Everslim
BRAND Evertek
SUMMARY The Tunisian mobile phone brand Evertek, launched in 2006, has come up with a pretty thin idea to promote the slenderness of its new model: the EverSlim. To demonstrate the object’s wafer-like silhouette, Ogilvy has created a magazine ad that can be read on both sides: a transparent page showing a side-on view of the phone. The ad is so thin that it fits between two columns of text, doubling its exposure time without impacting the viewer’s reading pleasure.
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Squeezing awareness from Twitter

H2O Challenge

IDEAS Twitter, social media, awareness campaign
TITLE h2ofilter (Case Study)
BRAND Unicef
SUMMARY World Water Day on March 22nd is an ideal opportunity for NGOs to communicate about imbalances in access to drinking water across the globe. This year the theme is Water and Sustainable Development. In order to raise awareness and funds for the children of Togo, Unicef and Publicis Conseil turned to Twitter. The H2O Unicef Challenge will enable Twitter users to metaphorically “squeeze” the H, 2 and O out of their accounts. The newly created water molecules will be transformed into funds supporting access to fresh water at Togolese schools. In this way, Twitter will become the tool for spreading the word about the #h2ochallenge, as well as the means of taking part in the challenge itself
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Interactive Digital Billboards

Use of facial recognition to raise awareness about domestic violence

IDEAS #IWD, digital billboard, PSA
TITLE Look At Me (Case Study)
BRAND Women's Aid
SUMMARY For International Women's Day, WCRS has teamed up with Women's Aid and Ocean Outdoor to address the issue of domestic violence through digital interactive billboards. When people are paying attention to the billboards, the women's bruises start to disappear, in order to demonstrate that we shouldn't turn a blind eye to domestic violence.
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Storygram – where words meet pictures

Empik wants to reawaken a love a books

IDEAS instagram, books, reading, readers
TITLE Storygram
SUMMARY On public transport these days, more commuters seem to be glued to their smartphones or Kindles than reading actual books. Poland’s largest bookseller, Empik, wanted to reawaken a love of books and tempt people back into its stores. Ironically, it turned to a digital platform: Instagram. The photo-sharing device has exploded in popularity in almost every demographic group in recent months. People love sharing and looking at photos on their devices. But this has also created a new space for literature. Before the release of future bestsellers, the first chapters are published on Instagram, generating interest in the books and driving intrigued readers into Empik stores.
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Experience a dive with the Shark

Samsung stands out from its competitors in the heart of Australia

IDEAS demo, experiential, smartphones, tablets, screens
TITLE Shark Diving in the Desert
BRAND Samsung
SUMMARY Alice Springs (Central Australia) has become the city for an original pop-up store. The nearest ocean is a 1.200 km drive, but a diving center has opened allowing people to experience the impossible from central Australia. With specific glasses and virtual reality, people can come close to the sharks. Finally it is revealed that the screen was simply a Samsung Galaxy Note, demonstrating the high quality of the screen
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Local Selfie Speeding Signs

A local road safety campaign

IDEAS digital billboard, road safety, speed limit, selfies
TITLE Selfie Speeding Signs
BRAND City of Antwerp
SUMMARY Duval Guillaume, the Belgian agency from Antwerp has associated with the city for a urban road safety campaign. Interactive signs are showing happy or sad smiley depending of the speed of the drivers. The agency has gone further in leaning on the selfie trend and in creating digital billboards with smiling or sad selfie portraits, depending on the speed. To create more proximity with the drivers and the general public, the local residents were invited to participate in uploading their selfies through a website and thus became the actors of this campaign shown in their neighborhood.
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Paris enlighted by DS3

Citroën DS3 tests a new lighting technology

IDEAS night, headlights, engagement, digital users, innovation, light painting
TITLE #DS3byNight
SUMMARY The new Citroën DS3 has new xenon full-Led headlights. Focusing on this innovation and on the luxury image of Paris, the agency CARE has engaged digital users through customized messages. Based on a new light painting technology, the messages have been shown in Paris. With the relay of a film, customized messages for users and influencers, #DS3byNight has become a great activation campaign
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Remote car for a corporate communication

Lancia activates its sponsorship with the Stade Français

IDEAS events, competition, automotive, rugby
TITLE Tee Pilot: Episode 3
BRAND Lancia
SUMMARY Lancia is sponsoring the Stade Français rugby. This brilliant team of the Top 14 championship is famous for one of its gadget, highly shown during the matches: the remote control car bringing the tee for the kicker. From December until April, people can compete to become the future pilot of the Stade Français Lancia remote car and also win a VIP pass. How? Be the fastest on a circuit. The event and competition is promoted also through web serie.
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Don’t waste your time waiting for a plane

Air France activates its Business class with a mobile game.

IDEAS mobile, airlines, transport, activation
TITLE Upgrade Challenge
BRAND Air France
SUMMARY To celebrate the arrival of the new Air France Business cabins in Asia, the airlines and Fred & Farid Shanghai has created a mobile gaming that allows the winners to be upgraded. The PR stunt launch was been organize in a waiting room, just before boarding. As a real time competition to win an instant upgrade into business class. Now, all the passengers travelling with Air France from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia or Japan can play to win their next flight travel as business.
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Flagged billboard

Who knows that Coca-Cola is a Danish brand ?

IDEAS billboard, airport, coca-cola, flags, tradition
TITLE The Happy Flag
BRAND Coca-Cola
SUMMARY Denmark is one of the happiest country in the world. Coca-Cola has recently noticed that the Danish flag was hidden in its logo. It has given the brand and the agency McCann an occasion to spread happiness through the country. At the airport, Danes have a tradition to welcome people with Danish flags. Therefore, Coca-Cola has created a special outdoor ad where people could pick flags straight from the logo to share the happiness of welcoming travelers.
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Great aquatic stunt

In the very competitive market of smartphones, Xperia stands out from the crowd

IDEAS PR stunt, pop-up store, waterproof, smartphone, Middle-East, experiential
TITLE The World's First Underwater Store
SUMMARY For the launch of the new Xperia Z3 range in Dubai, FP7 agency has come UP with the idea of a special pop-up store demonstrating one of the qualities of the mobile phone: being waterproof. Users could explore the world’s first underwater store, test the different devices and share their experience with a free underwater WiFi snorkeling and swimming while breathing fresh air inside.
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Edible social Media

Nestlé refreshes its social media communication

IDEAS social media, chocolate, food
TITLE Toll House Social Media Bakery
BRAND Toll House
SUMMARY Nestlé Toll House® chocolate chip cookie planned to refresh its social media communication. Therefore, instead of hiring social media gurus, JWT New York has hired pastry chefs to cook and bake the social content, using real ingredients. Every post was made from scratch and was totally edible. Hand-made fonts and custom cakes, each post recipe was unique.
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Creative Technology and Mobiles

Nar Mobile does CSR.

IDEAS blood donation, Android, mobile, csr
TITLE Life-Saving Cable Project
BRAND Nar Mobile
SUMMARY Azerbaijan is in constant need of blood donors. Y&R Moscow and Nar Mobile have launched an integrated campaign to bring attention to it in daily life. Most young people are addicted to their phones and they can’t spend a day without it. Therefore Y&R Moscow have created a simple parallel to communicate: give battery from one phone to the other is as simple as giving blood to someone. They invented a bracelet that allows to donate energy from one Android phone to another.
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Holiday's season and time to send your season's greetings?

Technical O2 greeting card

IDEAS direct marketing, SIM, mobile, telecommunications, season's greetings
TITLE Calling Christmas Card
SUMMARY O2 Germany and Interone have the best solution for you : a traditional greetings card that can phone your loved ones. Thanks to an integrated SIM card, the Xmas card works like a mobile phone. As soon as the card is opened, it calls a previously stored number and establishes a connection. Instead of sending simple written greetings, you can talk directly. This technological innovation serves a good story for the end of the year
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Culture Dispensing Machine

A bank transforms its ATM’s into CDM’s for a corporate campaign

IDEAS ATMs, banking, UAE, Emirati
TITLE The Culture Dispensing Machine
BRAND Emirates NBD
SUMMARY Emirates NBD is a leading retail banking franchise in UAE. To celebrate the national day and to make the Emirate culture more accessible to the UAE’s large expatriate population, Emirates NBD has converted some of its ATM’s into CDM: Culture Dispensing Machine. Placed in shopping malls, these machines offer users to learn more about a topic of the local culture: language, art, music… They were then “dispensed” a special gift to illustrate the topic and expose the expats to the culture and history of the United Arab Emirates If you understand and enjoy the culture of the place where you live, you enjoy life a whole lot more as well
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TV Monopoly

A bank stands out from its competitors with a special TV campaign

IDEAS TV, banking services,
TITLE The 24 hour ad break
SUMMARY DNB bank has 24-hour customer service. To reinforce this with the customer, they bought every single commercial break for 24 hours on Norway’s biggest commercial TV Channel, TV2. For the ads, Norwegians were invited to film and share their best advice, whatever the topic. The agency received 3.000 clips and showcased 2.30 hours of unique user generated content. DNB Bank quickly became known as the bank where you get good banking advice day and night
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